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Public spitting. Why?? Just swallow it?? Or if you must find a bathroom toilet, garbage can, or Kleenex to spit into? Just saw a dude spit into some grass like a meter away from where some people were sitting. This is why we can't have nice things.

I'm guilty of doing this (although I make sure to do so when hardly anyone is around and/or close to me ,or use toilet or garbage can)

I will answer your why questions:
by rinn in Ranting
Wed May 24 5:40 PM

Starting to Browse!

Welcome, tell us a little bit about yourself. Here is a complimentary :moose:
How did you choose your user name?

(I'm assuming you're male since you wanted to know the differ things about women.)
(you can always look at preferred pronouns in someone's profile)

thanks for the heads up, rowan; I completely forgot. :kill: by rinn in New Members
Wed May 24 5:05 PM

What major life experience changed you?

negative experience that changed me: my parents' divorce while I was attending high school

positive experience that changed me: living on my own, without a boyfriend, or parent, or inlaws...(I've experienced all those three, too) by rinn in Random
Wed May 24 5:01 PM

what's the last movie you saw?

Last night I watched Moonraker; I bought the DVD yesterday afternoon shortly before I heard that Sir Roger Moore had died :( by Tweek in Mixed Media
Wed May 24 10:50 AM

Links to Spacefem Elsewhere


Tue May 23 3:00 PM

What's your favorite national anthem?

I don't like this question, so I'll substitute my own and answer that. Besides mine, I can really only recognize the anthems of the US, Canada, Great Britain, France and Russia/USSR (thank you, Hunt for Red October). With as much as it get played every flippin' Olympics, you'd think I'd recognize the Chinese anthem by, but nope. by DarkOne in Random
Tue May 23 11:32 AM

Mnemonic device generator

Type in letters you want to remember, we'll make up a funny sentence to help
Tue May 23 3:00 AM

10-Second PHP Tutorial

The fastest introduction I could possibly muster.
Mon May 22 3:00 PM

Quiz: What kind of engineer should you be?

Engineering is one of the coolest jobs in the world, but there are so many disciplines it can be a little daunting to choose one for yourself! I wasn't happy with the existing quizzes, they were mostly way too direct (do you like bridges or wires? uh...) or way too career-spammy, and they were all way too serious. So with that in mind I took some personality traits and kinda did my best attempt at mapping them to engineering fields. It's not scientific or accurate because it really doesn't matter, engineers do so many things and move around so much there's no way to predict what path you'll end up on... so relax! This point of this test is to combine the fun of a personality quiz with the usefulness of a career test... hey look at that, fun AND useful? It's getting engineer-y already!
Mon May 22 3:00 AM

The Skirt Pattern Calculator

I like to sew. This calculator tells you how to make an arc for any skirt you've got the fabric for - just type in your measurements.
Sun May 21 3:00 AM

Dating Older Men as a Feminist

Speaking as someone who is almost two generations older than you I wish all the 19 years olds would suddenly become interested in older men ;) . But seriously, you do you, and remember it's a two way street, you may be looking for someone with experience, the older person may be looking for someone like yourself without it, and it will be a good match for a bit, until you figure things out, but by then you'll be in love, right?
by monk in Feminism
Sat May 20 10:33 AM

Quiz: Do you need a boyfriend?

Are you a young single gal wondering if you need a man? Take our quiz.
Sat May 20 3:00 AM

Quiz: What Color Are You?

Forget the four-color quizzes, this one displays your personality as one of the hundreds of named HTML colors.
Fri May 19 3:00 AM

The Baby Due Date Statistics Survey

I wondered if due dates were accurate. 5,000+ internet friends chimed in. See the charts here.
Thu May 18 3:00 AM

Mumsnet surprised me the other day.

internet mom's groups can be really really weird sometimes. I'm not familiar with this one...

Take out that phrase, and it's just as true. :/

But seriously, there are a lot of trans-exclusionary groups out there, and regrettably some are feminist. by Sonic# in Feminism
Wed May 17 7:47 PM

Pregnancy Calendar

For geeky moms like me who need to remember not just what week they're on, but their percent completion.
Wed May 17 3:00 AM

What monster should my tabletop characters fight?

I went with an entlike creature that tapped its roots into baristas to mind-control them and set off natural disasters to build up a world tree that would restore the life of the city (while choking out its human denizens). So in many ways it was like a cultist for an Elder God. It got defeated when one of the characters dumped two entire containers of herbicide on it after going - just in time - to the coffee shop where it was about to kidnap its final victim. by Sonic# in Polls
Mon May 15 6:56 PM

Clean Energy meets Artificial Intelligence

Idk, but I get to see my sister's youngest baby for the first time next week! So I hope spacebot doesn't eat her before then.
And what I pictured was Spacebot showing up at your sister's house to eat her baby, and MFS breaking through a wall ala Kool-Aid Man to battle Spacebot.
OH YEAH! by MFS in Polls
Fri May 12 3:58 AM

what are you favorite museums?

I went to the Museum of History and Industry over the weekend, and IT'S REALLY AWESOME!! Super fascinating to learn about the history of my city and how the various industries both shaped and were shaped by events. I could have spent half a day there, there was so much to learn about.

I also really like the La Brea Tar Pits museum and the Natural History museum, both in LA. by Bork in Random
Thu May 11 4:18 PM

Total Solar Eclipse 2017

Heh I should have thought to check NOAA. :)
Definitely having a kiddo in tow makes a difference.

Oh hey this is cool:
This is the American Astronomical Society's list of events. :) Searchable by location! by rowan in Science & Technology
Wed May 10 5:26 PM

Disney Princess Avengers

Just an aside, I'd watch a Disney Princess heist film. I think in many ways that plays better to their strengths without having to radically rewrite their characters: subterfuge, strategic planning, observation, charisma, and execution are all necessary to bring a successful heist about.

Mastermind: Leia
Coordinator: Megara
Backer: Anna
by Unvoiced_Apollo in Random
Wed May 10 4:38 PM

have you had lobster?

First I was picky, and I didn't want lobster. Then I learned to love shrimp, realized I still hate crab, and I never went back.

I've never had lobster. Is it like gigantic crawfish?
I think lobster is closer to shrimp than crab in consistency, and different from both in flavor. I don't know that I've ever had crawfish and been aware of it (I hear sometimes they pass it as lobster.) I think because crawfish is cheaper, people are more willing to mask/blend the flavor and use it in recipes with tons of other flavorings and ingredients. It's less common for people to mess with a fresh lobster beyond boiling or grilling it. Kind of chuck vs filet, even if chuck is really yummy. When awesome and fresh, lobster meat is springy and almost sweet. It's magically delicious. by DarkOne in Random
Wed May 10 1:26 PM

To all Moms: Where do you go for financial concerns?

My father in law does financial advising so we kind of have an in-house advisor? But seriously someone with expertise is great. There are various "how to do finances" through our local community ed, which I'd probably consider if I didn't already have someone to ask. Maybe something like that near you? Libraries also sometimes have programs.

Also I know you can do wills and stuff on your own but honestly I found it super useful to talk through it with a lawyer who does that. She thought of things we never would have. (hm really should revisit now that kid is older) It was a one time fee and not that bad.
by rowan in Pregnancy & Parenting
Tue May 9 4:18 PM

Would you have eaten from the tree of knowledge?

"I wouldn't have known any better" is really interesting.
I was trying to be a smartass, but if I get into the nitty-gritty of it, I haven't read Paradise Lost, but it sounds like it takes a more literal interpretation of the passage, which really makes my eyes roll and my head hurt. I was tickled by this interpretation, which takes the Eden narrative as an allegory about the inevitable sexual awakening in humans.
by DarkOne in Random
Mon May 8 5:55 PM

Have you performed on a stage?


When I was in college, I did some folk dancing for some shows that celebrated Filipino American culture. It was fun despite all the times I had performance anxiety (which were for all shows).

I even danced in a loin cloth in my first show because that was the Freshman men's rite of passage dance for those participating. by Unvoiced_Apollo in Random
Sun May 7 10:32 AM

case study

I don't really know anything about that but you could try to tweak it and see about colleges that built wind turbines, there are a couple and I think there are things out there? Or something like that? Or there must be things that analyze stuff like that, I've seen household things so it must exist for businesses? by rowan in Careers & Education
Sat May 6 8:35 PM

Does spacebot eat babies?

This would make a better poll.
Fair enough...

viewtopic.php?f=4&t=50082 by MFS in Random
Thu May 4 2:52 AM

Bilingual Toddler

Bilingualism! This is something I know a lot about! My last job was to speak English to my class in a partial immersion school and the kids picked up English so fast but spoke back to me in German. We worked on saying different words in German and in English and it meaning the same thing and I read English books to them. They differentiated pretty well but most of them came from a mono-lingual family background.

I can still highly recommend this book: ( ... 1857885252) for bilingual children. Some very good advice in there.
by Nachos in Pregnancy & Parenting
Wed May 3 10:19 PM


Who's on there? I just switched over because I wanted a more private space to throw my thoughts away on than LJ where I have a large history of things but most people in my friends list are now inactive, but who knows if they still lurk? It's also nice to have more icons :) And fresh starts and new layouts are quite nice :)

by Nachos in Mixed Media
Wed May 3 9:58 PM