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by octarineoboe
Mon Apr 24, 16:46 2017
Forum: Random
Topic: what was wrong with your ex-lover?
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Re: what was wrong with your ex-lover?

well, the main thing was that he lied to me and didn't seem interested in respecting the boundaries I tried to establish as a first step to rebuilding my trust. It was also a pretty big deal to me that he wanted to sleep with other women (not to rag on polyamory generally but it is not for me and he...
by octarineoboe
Wed Mar 22, 13:00 2017
Forum: Random
Topic: have you done yoga?
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Re: have you done yoga?

Yes. There's a free weekly class here and I am trying to make it a habit. I've been maybe six or seven times and all but one felt great, I just have to work on getting myself up and out of the house on Saturday mornings. And not letting it be an excuse to be lazy the rest of the day, too!
by octarineoboe
Mon Mar 20, 18:11 2017
Forum: Random
Topic: How do you pass time at boring parties?
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Re: How do you pass time at boring parties?

alcohol and pets, usually. I try not to go to parties I think will be boring, but I've also found that many parties which start out boring wind up being really fun - including my housemates' party last weekend, which would've been difficult to leave because 1. I live here and 2. the aforementioned a...
by octarineoboe
Tue Feb 28, 21:20 2017
Forum: Polls
Topic: avatar vote
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Re: avatar vote

I hate change and I often recognize people by their avatar, so I voted for the original sun! BUT if you must change, I like the galaxy best of the new ones.
by octarineoboe
Tue Feb 21, 17:48 2017
Forum: Random
Topic: How big is your television?
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Re: How big is your television?

ooooh I can be THAT PERSON
because I don't currently have a TV!

(this is not a moral stance, it's just that I moved and the person I lived with kept the TV and the other various people that I'm moving in with have one)
by octarineoboe
Sun Feb 19, 20:02 2017
Forum: Random
Topic: How comfortable do you feel asking about someone's race?
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Re: How comfortable do you feel asking about someone's race?

^ we had something like that in my last job, too - for job applicants we were supposed to fill in their race but not actually ask about it. The point was I guess to assess whether we were attracting diverse applicants but it didn't feel useful because we had so little actual data.
by octarineoboe
Wed Feb 15, 12:07 2017
Forum: Polls
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Sonic# wrote:^ I've used "tukhus," but deferred to the spelling on Wikipedia because I can't recall seeing it written. My first impulse was "tookus" or "tuchus."

I would go with "tuchus"
by octarineoboe
Sun Feb 12, 22:24 2017
Forum: Random
Topic: Not really sure how to ask this tactfully...
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Re: Not really sure how to ask this tactfully...

similar to rowan, I am not trans but do have at least one close friend who is. But, if you're worried about tact, might I suggest that you include why you're asking? Right now it kinda looks like you're just randomly looking for trans people, which seems odd.
by octarineoboe
Sat Feb 11, 20:52 2017
Forum: Random
Topic: Are you a good dancer?
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Re: Are you a good dancer?

I am a pretty competent swing dancer! I have been doing it less lately than i would like though. I should go more often.
by octarineoboe
Tue Jan 17, 17:55 2017
Forum: Mixed Media
Topic: what are you reading?
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Re: what are you reading?

I recently finished Station Eleven, which was wonderful but also terrifying, and now I'm reading Code Name Verity, which is great so far and also terrifying, but in a different way.
by octarineoboe
Fri Jan 13, 19:23 2017
Forum: Ranting
Topic: Yuck Yuck Yuck
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Re: Yuck Yuck Yuck

wow, Sonic, that's a new one. On the other hand that's something I might actually say yes to if someone really had the cash on the spot to give me.
by octarineoboe
Wed Jan 4, 18:40 2017
Forum: Random
Topic: Happy birthday Eravial!
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Re: Happy birthday Eravial!

Happy early birthday!
by octarineoboe
Mon Dec 26, 10:29 2016
Forum: Random
Topic: Do you wash your car?
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Re: Do you wash your car?

not personally, but i drive it through a carwash sometimes. When I remember. I should probably do it soon, it's all salty and cruddy and we seem to be having a warm spell today.
by octarineoboe
Mon Dec 26, 10:27 2016
Forum: Mixed Media
Topic: what's the last movie you saw?
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Re: what's the last movie you saw?

I saw Rogue One yesterday. I enjoyed it but didn't love it, I liked The Force Awakens better. I did think the music was very well done though, hinting at the major Star Wars themes but not using them fully until toward the end of the movie.
by octarineoboe
Sat Dec 24, 14:18 2016
Forum: Polls
Topic: _______ Christmas
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Re: _______ Christmas

I don't celebrate Christmas, and therefore am ALL FOR the war on it in public life. But I hope everyone who does celebrate has a (private) merry christmas!
by octarineoboe
Mon Dec 19, 20:31 2016
Forum: Polls
Topic: Do you believe in magic?
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Re: Do you believe in magic?

excuse me, where is the "there is magic in my pants" answer?
by octarineoboe
Mon Dec 19, 20:30 2016
Forum: Ranting
Topic: Terrorist attack in Berlin
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Re: Terrorist attack in Berlin

I'm glad you and those you love are OK. I don't know what's going on or why anymore. I feel like we're living in fear, and that means the terrorists have won. I wish there was something more I could do or say, but I've been feeling pretty hopeless since the US election. This just deepens that feeling.
by octarineoboe
Thu Dec 15, 19:44 2016
Forum: Random
Topic: What clubs were you a member of in High School?
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Re: What clubs were you a member of in High School?

Marching band is more of a cult than a club. ;) Can confirm this is 100% true. But...the good kind of cult? If that's a thing? I wasn't really in many school-centered clubs, because i was in the aforementioned Marching Band cult and several music groups that weren't run by the school and that took ...
by octarineoboe
Fri Dec 9, 22:16 2016
Forum: Science & Technology
Topic: Feathery dinosaur tail found
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Re: Feathery dinosaur tail found

I have no coherent response to this yet, I'm still going "this is SO COOL! They thought dinosaurs had feathers and now we CAN SEE THEM! BIRDS ARE DINOSAURS! WHAAAAT!"
by octarineoboe
Wed Dec 7, 19:28 2016
Forum: Careers & Education
Topic: LinkedIn
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Re: LinkedIn

I have an account but I basically never use it. However I did use it to track down the name of someone for addressing a cover letter (I heard about the job through a staffing agency and I was trying to address it to the person I'd actually be working with) and he noticed and remembered that I looked...
by octarineoboe
Mon Dec 5, 19:19 2016
Forum: Feminism
Topic: Do feminists have to be liberals?
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Re: What is a "feminist"?

First, I'm going to caution that this is pretty specific to the US context, and we have many non-US members here. A mod might want to split this question off from the FAQ. But, to the substance of your question - I think you should ask yourself why most people who identify as feminists also vote Dem...
by octarineoboe
Sat Dec 3, 8:41 2016
Forum: New Members
Topic: mi introducción
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Re: mi introducción

Hi rinn!

Sonic and Rowan are making me hungry I'm sitting here trying to figure out what to make for breakfast in someone else's kitchen. (We're dog sitting for my partner's mom.) I had just about settled on an omelet but now I want pancakes. I don't think I have pancake ingredients here. :(
by octarineoboe
Tue Nov 29, 8:26 2016
Forum: Random
Topic: Who are/were your mentors?
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Re: Who are/were your mentors?

I'm sorry for your loss.

I don't really have any one particular mentor. My high school oboe teacher comes to mind as an older person who was important to me, both for music and life.
by octarineoboe
Thu Nov 24, 10:47 2016
Forum: Random
Topic: Happy Thanksgiving America
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving America

I'm at the airport, on my way to celebrate with lots of family. We will also be celebrating my grandpa's 90th birthday this year.
by octarineoboe
Wed Nov 16, 18:40 2016
Forum: Random
Topic: Have you ever failed a class?
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Re: Have you ever failed a class?

math meant me no harm. Maybe not in general, but everything means me harm at 7am. (I had math class first period every single year in high school, which meant 7:20am. Math was never going to be my favorite subject but the timing definitely helped cement it as least favorite.) To spacebot's question...

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