Can't post on other forums

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Can't post on other forums

Postby SallyTimm » Tue May 30, 14:21 2017

Hello all.

This appears to be the only forum I can post in. Is there a way for me to post in the other forums?

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Re: Can't post on other forums

Postby rowan » Tue May 30, 14:45 2017

You can find this and many more questions in the FAQ! It is in the upper left next to "Quick Links"

Or you could just click here I guess

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Re: Can't post on other forums

Postby Nachos » Thu Jun 1, 14:22 2017

Hi there, welcome to the spacefem forums! Please read the Guide to New and Returning Members and the FAQ where you will find the answers to all your questions :) Also you'll find a small intro you can fill out to tell us more about you :)
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