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Hello All

Postby Skeezy » Tue Jun 20, 11:36 2017

Hi everyone,

My name is Skeezy Im a 34 yr old married man.

I came to space fem seeking a forum where I could actually talk to feminists about femism. A co worker of mine has largely been researching feminism and M.G.T.O.W. We've been philosophocally and logically been discussing their beliefs.

Some of you may have already seen some of my posts as this introduction is kind of late. I tried maybe two other forums before trying here. Largely I find that on most forums if anyone disagrees with the movement they are locked out and unable to discuss the issue. Which I understand but I also find counter productive to a movement that promotes equality. For my few posts I actually credit this board for being more fair than others.

Frankly I love to debate issues where people differ on my opinion, in a respectful manner. This is because I love to try to get a new perspective to enhance my view of the issue and also to better understand others views. Since the board doesn't really encourage this, most of my posts will probably wind up in hell which is fine. Although I occasionally may post in some other interesting topics as well.

I dont think feminism is 100% bad, just perhaps misguided imo. Although I admit Im constantly learning more about it as I go. Its just a lot of what I learned I dont necessarily like and Im curious of just how far feminism wants to go.I promise to try to maintain a healthy atmosphere and Im sure not all my posts will be negative or even opposing.

Also all that aside, I like to throw in humor from time to time.

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Re: Hello All

Postby Taurwen » Wed Jun 21, 18:42 2017

Just out of curiosity, if you don't mind sharing, where are you from?

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Re: Hello All

Postby Nachos » Thu Jun 22, 17:10 2017

Hi there Skeezy, a warm welcome to you here on the spacefem forums. Please read the FAQ and generally be polite and you'll get along ok here :)

Now then, what is your favourite food and what is your favourite animal?
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Re: Hello All

Postby Skeezy » Thu Jun 22, 17:20 2017

Baltimore MD. or as locally pronouced Baldimo :lol:


My favorite food iiiis... I would have to say is the Sarah Lee Strawberry cheescake while still almost ice cold, french or plain

Im a cat person. I have one now his name is Huey. He listens, is very smart and is an A'hole about 65% of the time (he talks back a lot) but very lovable.

Thanks for the welcome btw

Im a gamer and am outgoing.
Just got back from a 8 day cruise to some carribean islands, for a wedding, about 2 weeks ago. I miss the boat, I loved having a tab of 0.

I grew up pretty well rounded even if I do say so myself. Went to mostly private school but some public. Parents not together but got along very well (no courts). Came up in a rough neighborhood but, I also explored surrounding State counties. Most of my enemies are dead. A joke me and my best friend have but seriously its a rough neighborhood :lol: Not as bad as some though. Past 12 years though Ive mostly lived in the county.

I watch a lot of movies, dont have many tv shows, my wife runs the tv. I like comedies chappelle show, key and peel, and a lot stand up though Im not sure about nowadays.

Im a supervisor/manager at warehousse Ive been at for 15 years.

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