Oh boy, it's Milo Yiannopoulos

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Oh boy, it's Milo Yiannopoulos

Postby Nech » Fri Jan 6, 8:43 2017

So I got up and saw this morning and it has me of several minds. It's obvious (and even admitted by LGBTQ nation) that he won because of brigading fans, but my ponderings mostly have to do with censorship I suppose.

I find for a lot of people Milo and how toxic his views can be can trigger bad responses in many individuals. Despite having won "fairly", should the website really have given him this extra media attention? Is it better to ignore toxic individuals in these situations, maybe give the title to someone who won fairly, or is that a form of censorship? It's obvious that it wouldn't be that detrimental to his causes since he has no problem being heard well beyond the right wing circles. But is that even the point? Does one applaud the website for sticking to their guns, or boo them for allowing internet trolls and anarchists to detract from recognizing a positive influence from the LGBTQ sphere? Is it better to showcase people with dangerous mindsets as a warning or give them as little widespread attention as possible? Should they really detract their label of him as alt-right if he fits the title in so many ways just because he says he doesn't want that title, and is that any different from the white supremacists/Nazis who claim their alt-right and not supremacists/Nazis (though that may not be a totally apt comparison)?

My mind is all over with this and I guess I'm just hoping to get some perspective on it by typing things out and seeing where some discourse goes.
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Re: Oh boy, it's Milo Yiannopoulos

Postby Aum » Fri Jan 6, 12:16 2017

A cursory look at his win reminds me of how shallow and superficial people have become with their mindless support of things. You don't need to have high level talent or time tested commitment to a form or cause in order to be called the best anymore, just popularity and how you play the social networks.

Also, because it's LGBTQ related, I wouldn't be surprised if he won for being attractive. It's why I support panels being appointed to select candidates rather than let the mob do it. No standards.
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