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Immersive theatre

Postby Nachos » Tue Mar 28, 12:04 2017

Darlings! I have just been part of an amazing experience. I was part of a team for an immersive performance installation. ... nav_search

It was beautiful. It was ugly. It was intense. It was relaxing. It was philosophical and it provided a unique insight in the human psyche.

The premise was that we were a cult under the leadership of a charismatic leader we called Papa who taught us lessons in quite a sadistic way and we were inviting guests into our world to find more members.

It was interesting to see how people reacted to our little world and who let themselves let go and become part of it or closed themselves off.

Now that it's over I'm having a few issues becoming myself again and not Upsilon (my character). Being a performer in an immersive theater world means integrating parts of yourself to your character to give an authentic performance. And now that it's over I miss my Family and Home and not having real life responsibilities and always having someone there. It was quite seductive in that way.

Review: ... ning-home/

Does anyone else have experience with immersive theatre or been to any?
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Re: Immersive theatre

Postby melsbells » Mon Apr 3, 12:30 2017

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