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Wayward (PC game)

Postby Neko » Wed Apr 12, 1:43 2017

Wayward is a survival roguelike game, similar to Don't Starve. You're dropped onto a coastline in a procedurally generated environment with random starting items. Like any survival game ever, the goal is to not kill yourself by eating bad things, dehydrating, starving, accidentally self-immolating, or getting attacked by a Kraken while your only equipment is bark armor and a shovel.

Although Don't Starve is charmingly grim in its aesthetics, Wayward is more my style because it's turn-based. That may sound as if that takes challenge out of the game because it gives you more time to think about your actions. The catch is the complex crafting system in which nearly everything has limited durability and varying degrees of quality. If you fail at crafting something, the materials lose durability but you can try until they break. If you fail at planting seeds, the damned seeds lose durability meaning the crop takes longer to grow if you manage to plant it. And I hope you enjoy inventory management because there's a weight encumbrance system as well.

What makes this game interesting for me is the Reputation system. I was confused by this at first because you're in the middle of nowhere with no NPCs in a single player game. Reputation with whom? The land itself judges you harshly based on your actions. When you gather materials or interact with the world in a destructive way (chopping trees, digging, mining rock/ore, killing non-hostile animals, or even by crafting certain types of tools) you gain a Malignity score. As you become more, uh, Malignant the land responds by spawning stronger hostile creatures and in greater numbers. However, when you interact in a benevolent way (planting crops or trees, taming animals, crafting medicines, tailoring, or fishing--for some reason) the opposite occurs. This doesn't mean you can't make weapons or kill chickens for meat but it makes your early game a little easier if you balance your reputation.

The Steam version is still in beta but it's playable. I've yet to encounter bugs or crashes after logging 12 hours. An older but of the game can be played on the developer's website.
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Re: Wayward (PC game)

Postby Sonic# » Thu Apr 27, 13:39 2017

I want to check this game out soon. I've played a few survival games like Reign of Kings or The Forest, and found the automatic PvP or PvE eventually made me stop playing. The better I did, the harder I'd be hit for it. With the Reputation system, it sounds like it's possible to balance approaches, so that I do more than Get Big and then Die from Onslaught.

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