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Postby Chococat » Wed Feb 1, 11:05 2006

Mine has a very deep philosophical meaning. Or it could just be a picture of Chococat.
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got the spirit, lose the feeling
got the spirit, lose the feeling
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Postby edit the sad parts » Wed Feb 1, 11:48 2006

Mine is a still from my favourite scene in Requiem for a Dream.
When Marion says to Harry, " I love you, Harry. You make me feel like a person." And then Harry says, "Marion, you are the most beautiful girl in the world. You're my dream." :)
What was once before you - an exciting, mysterious future - is now behind you. Lived; understood; disappointing. You realize you are not special. You have struggled into existence, and are now slipping silently out of it. This is everyone's experience. Every single one. The specifics hardly matter. Everyone's everyone.
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edit the sad parts
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Postby SparklyStar » Wed Feb 1, 11:53 2006

Mine simply states a simple truth: Everyone Sucks But Me.

You know you can't deny that fact. :P
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Quite erotic.
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Postby kiwi » Wed Feb 1, 12:22 2006

Mine is quite threatening. It keeps everyone submissive.
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You Newfangled Emo!
You Newfangled Emo!
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Postby Tweek » Wed Feb 1, 12:47 2006

Mine is Tweek, goes with the user name :P
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Coffee Freak
Coffee Freak
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Postby Bork » Wed Feb 1, 13:13 2006

It's my puppy!
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Resident Punctuation Vigilante
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Postby lillerina » Wed Feb 1, 15:27 2006

Mine is a picture of my hair, in a plait, when I was lying on the floor. My hair's pretty long, so thats why I have that.
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We are the internet. We are one.
We are the internet. We are one.
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Postby Meperidine » Wed Feb 1, 17:29 2006

Mine is an alto clef. It means I'm an alto.
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"Pr0n for t3h MIND!"
"Pr0n for t3h MIND!"
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Postby Rainbow*s End* » Wed Feb 1, 18:20 2006

I found this avatar one time when I was looking for a change, mainly for my LJ, but I like it better here. I loved the humor of this one, it's dry and sarcastic, yet the image comes from a beloved children's movie. The contrast fits my personality well- I'm such a child at heart, but I'm nowhere near innocent.
"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye."
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Rainbow*s End*
pretends she has friends
pretends she has friends
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Postby Zephire » Wed Feb 1, 18:34 2006

I cropped mine from a larger picture I found on the web years ago. I'm slightly obsessed with dragons and tend to be alone most of the time and I feel that this avatar sort of symbolizes how I feel. I've grown somewhat attached to it, but I'm thinking about changing it to something I've drawn.
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Internet Introvert
Internet Introvert
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Postby neonfizz » Wed Feb 1, 18:39 2006

I just randomly drew my avatar when I first joined and haven't ever bothered to change it.
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peanut butter
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Postby Rainbow Dolphins » Wed Feb 1, 20:13 2006

I just picked mine out of the gallery because I was too lazy to upload my old one when we changed servers... it stuck.
"Everything's gonna be OK soon, maybe tomorrow- maybe the next day." -the Mountain Goats
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Rainbow Dolphins
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freakish chainsaw girl
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Postby MFS » Wed Feb 1, 20:50 2006

I have no clue what an avatar is. Clearly, it must be some form of pudding.
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Postby sarcasticgal1221 » Wed Feb 1, 21:04 2006

Mine is from the gallery. I picked it out when I joined, and never changed it.
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walking disaster
walking disaster
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Postby Beautiful Little Fool » Wed Feb 1, 21:45 2006

Mine is a button off of a Pessoa saddle.

I am obsessed with Pessoa crap. Thus, the button.
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Beautiful Little Fool
the smintacious one
the smintacious one
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Postby metawidget » Wed Feb 1, 22:14 2006

I was walking up St. Urbain street in the cool mid-autumn drizzle to have some lunch with my love, and we saw this chair and traffic cone sitting out in the parking lane, positioned just so. I thought "art!" and took a picture or two (some with her on the chair, some without), then a guy leaned out a nearby window, wondering what we were doing photographing his little blockade of a parking space so that he'd have a place for the moving van to go.

The world is a magical place when you explore it with your beloved and a camera.
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sincerely, your something or other
sincerely, your something or other
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Postby Tookie » Wed Feb 1, 22:23 2006

It's a whatsit. Fractal. It was in the gallery. I like it.
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Postby StarsInUrEye » Wed Feb 1, 23:37 2006

Because I like stars. It's small, flashy but not annoyingly flashy.
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Better get them out
Better get them out
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Postby FernGully » Thu Feb 2, 8:47 2006

My avatar was made by Ingryd, when she was still around. Oh how I wish she was still around. She could have seen me grow up from a mini annoying person to a full blown normal person!

It's Krista the fairy from Fern Gully and the Last Rain Forest (which was once my entire username before the forum switch; logging in sucked).

::channels Barbara Streisand:: Memmmmmmoriessssssssss...

I once considered making my own avatar, but loyalty to the Old Country Spacefem years made me reconsider and stick with this one.

(Plus this is about as far as my artistic talent could take me: <a href="">This</a>.)

Support Ferno-Raavynism! Down with oppressive Draakism!
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Gnome Overlord
Gnome Overlord
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Postby Obsessive Compulsive Emu » Thu Feb 2, 15:28 2006

Found mine in the gallery. I find it reallly beautiful, and I've had it since I joined up.

No meaning though.
"I like to think you think about me like I like to think about you
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Tegan and Sara- One Second
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Obsessive Compulsive Emu
everyone fucks up, it's gonna be okay
everyone fucks up, it's gonna be okay
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Postby Kairisika » Thu Feb 2, 15:44 2006

Pigs on the wing...
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Incredibly Awesome
Incredibly Awesome
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Postby Kiss The Monkey » Thu Feb 2, 17:03 2006

I drew mine myself. :D I like skull-and-crossbones.

I have another one I really really want that I didn't draw, but it's WAAAAAY too big.:(

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Kiss The Monkey
Love the monkey.
Love the monkey.
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Postby Ryomakuriyami » Thu Feb 2, 18:12 2006

"I am the Spirit that denies! And rightly too; for all that doth begin Should rightly to destruction run; 'Twere better then that nothing were begun. Thus everything that you call Sin, Destruction- in a word, as Evil represent- That is my own, real element."
-Mephistopheles! What a badass.

He's from the legend of Faustus, although his precise identity changes among the many versions of the story (the quote is from Goethe's). My picture, however, was cropped from an illustration by Wayne Reynolds (his "WAR" signature seems to appear in all my favorite D&D illustrations) in Wizards of the Coast's Book of Vile Darkness supplement for D&D. I checked and it's not illegal, yay!

He's also in NeverWinter Nights. And he's badass.
Touching is good.</center>To embrace undying love is to embrace undeath itself. I am safe in Love, I am safe in Death.
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"The reality is that there is no place for me any more. But that's the reality I have to face!" - Chief Ikari
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Sleeps soundly for a murderer
Sleeps soundly for a murderer
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Postby skeptic320 » Thu Feb 2, 19:21 2006

Mine is a Michael Whelan painting called "Passage: the Avatar". I decided to switch from my previous one of Ninja Ozaki from the Samurai Lapin animations at , and the name caught my eye.
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Sexual Intellectual
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Postby Dragonrider » Thu Feb 2, 20:28 2006

My avatar's a drawing of an elf that I did a very long time ago. I originally drew it in pencil in a cheap paper sketchbook. Of course at some point, I decided to scan it in (never a good idea with a pencil drawing). Then I figured I had to color it. Needless to say, those were the most frustrating eight or so hours of my life!

Actually, though, I'm an elf in real life, with a silver mullet. So I guess it looks kinda like me.
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