Care to list your body mods?

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Re: Care to list your body mods?

Postby Ashworth » Sun Jan 18, 15:41 2009

1. Both ears pierced just once.
2. Dragon tattoo on my left calf.
3. A hole on my right foot where I tried to scrape off what I thought was dust from the bottom of my left foot... Turns out that "dust" was a little chunk of glass.

I really want to get my bellybutton and nose pierced, but I really don't want to listen to my mom's ranting. (Strangely enough, she was all sorts of proud when I got my tattoo.)

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Re: Care to list your body mods?

Postby Crazedllama » Sun Mar 29, 12:05 2009

1. 4 left earlobe piercings, one cartilage.
2. 4 right earlobe piercings.
3. Septum piercing, 14 g. (I think?)
4. Second hole on left ear stretched to 0.
5. First hole on right ear stretched to 0.
6. Fingernails of various colors, right now black but usually purple.
7. Toenails also various colors, right now gold.
8. Scars on my right ankle-shin area, someone hit me on a bike and cut me with the chain when I was little.
9. Right knee all scarred up from a soccer mishap when I was 12.
10. Big scar on my middle right finger, from a pizza burn at a theater party.
11. Two feathers tattooed on my left and right arm.
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Re: Care to list your body mods?

Postby monk » Fri Apr 17, 15:06 2009

right shoulder mounted x-ray laser
left hand telescoping javelin
hydraulic jump studs in both heels (max lift 18m)
laser range finder left eye with autotargeting
adamantine genital dome.
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Re: Care to list your body mods?

Postby ladypenelope » Sun Jun 7, 3:08 2009

I currently have 7 tattoos (back, side, foot) and have 2 navel piercings, a tongue piercing and a few holes in each ear.

Future plans: extended sidepiece, touch-ups and expansion on my back, other foot and maybe a 1/4 sleeve and chest piece.

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Re: Care to list your body mods?

Postby camillatee » Thu Oct 15, 13:10 2009

Eleven holes in my earlobes I made myself. I tried several times making one in cartilage but ohmygodgotsopainful had to take them off.
Makeup, dyed hair but nothing bright.
Scars in my arms made by my beloved deceased cat which will never fade and one massive from removing appendix. Not really wanted<.<
Tattoo... on order, someday.

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Re: Care to list your body mods?

Postby Barkey » Thu Oct 15, 16:04 2009

I have a tattoo on my right arm I got when I was young and motivated, a little less than a year into the military.. Pic related.

Also a long scar on each thigh with stipling on the ends from the stitches, and a scar on my left shoulder.

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Re: Care to list your body mods?

Postby metawidget » Thu Oct 15, 20:35 2009

One porcelain crown on an incisor, patching up from a bike accident, and a few fillings.

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Re: Care to list your body mods?

Postby Eater of Socks » Sun Oct 25, 2:16 2009

I have two holes in my left ear and one in my right. I would love to get my lip pierced, but can't as I play flugelhorn and lip piercings affect that. I also already have a lot of scar tissue in the lip area from an accident. :( Once I'm old enough, I plan to get tattoos. T-Rex from Dinosaur Comics (last panel image, not sure where yet), a semi-colon on my left wrist and an exclamation mark on my right. Small, though.

ETA: I have my septum pierced, too. Got it done in June, 2010. I like it very much!
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Re: Care to list your body mods?

Postby squashlingchaotic » Fri Nov 13, 19:19 2009

--earlobes, 1 in each

--Fingernails chewed so short there's a callous on the end of my fingers
--Scar on my forehead (Coffee table)
--Scar on my upper lip (fell off a horse)


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Re: Care to list your body mods?

Postby ducknuckem » Fri Nov 13, 22:51 2009

I've got the tip of a cobbler sting stuck in the nerve that runs to the big toe that resulted in this really nifty scar that looks like an eye. It's groovy!

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Re: Care to list your body mods?

Postby Zeph » Wed Nov 18, 13:14 2009

Tattoos: Scythian tattoo design found on an ice mummy, scarab, ouroboros, Ma'at, Thai elephant, Aries, Delhaize (food lion), eye of Horus, Dharma wheel (I think 9 is it, not sure)
Piercings: My eyebrows had been pierced multiple times (they kept growing out) but I traded those for respectable ear studs.

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Re: Care to list your body mods?

Postby hannahrae » Tue Jul 24, 7:34 2012

5 tattoos
3 piercings
that's about it :)


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Re: Care to list your body mods?

Postby Cybele » Fri Nov 9, 23:22 2012

I have standard ear piercings and a low cartilage one on my left ear. My hair is naturally pale blonde but I dye it black with one white streak. I lust after eye brow piercings and a want a small tattoo, but my mother would... I don't even know what she would do. But it wouldn't be good.

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