Ipods and Winamp. help me!

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Ipods and Winamp. help me!

Postby edit the sad parts » Thu Nov 5, 6:15 2009

So, I discovered the joys of right clicking my stuff in Winamp in order to send it to my Ipod. It's suddenly stopped working though. The playlist will show that it's been sent to my ipod on the Winamp screen, and it shows the 100% transfer thing...but there is nada on my ipod. This just happened all of a sudden. I haven't updated my computer, winamp or my ipod. Why isn't it working anymore???(and my ipod is half empty, before anyone asks, so it's not a space issue) Aidez-moi, svp.
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Re: Ipods and Winamp. help me!

Postby SakuraSong » Fri Nov 13, 0:45 2009

Edit, I have no friggen clue, I don't use ipod. Sorry. It sounds as thought it's something wrong with your iPod, not the transferring though. My communtative devices does this all the freaking time, it's always the device on the receiving end that decides to go completely apeshit for no reason during a transfer.
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