Getting a movie in .avi format to play in a DVD player

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Getting a movie in .avi format to play in a DVD player

Postby Pyro Chick » Sat Nov 14, 23:32 2009

Hey guys
I recently downloaded a bunch of movies through torrents (shh, don't tell) and I really want to watch them on my DVD player at school. The movies are .avi format. Is there a free and generally simple way I can burn these onto a DVD so that they'll play on an extremely standard DVD player? (it doesn't have any fancy features, and I'm pretty sure it can't play divx)

Thanks a lottttt
Also, if there's another type of torrent I can download that I wouldn't have to convert, let me know. Next time I'll cut out the middle man and just download those.
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Re: Getting a movie in .avi format to play in a DVD player

Postby Axiomatic » Sun Jan 31, 15:09 2010

You want to burn them as a "Video CD". I'm not sure how exactly that's done, but I figure that if you have a good enough cd burning program, such as Nero or whatnot, it ought to have that option, or some sort of AVI to Video CD converter. I am certain that you want to google the phrase "Video CD", though.
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