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Re: Windows 7

Postby lizpoona » Wed Feb 10, 23:01 2010

Went to look at new laptops today and ALL of them had 7, except for a couple of crappy cheap netbooks. I've only heard good things about it every time I ask people, and it looks pretty overall. I'm just not used to it. It's too different at the superficial level of looks. I remember when XP came out and I thought it was gorgeous, and I was only slightly impressed by how Vista looked... but 7 just annoys me. It's less... tactile, almost. I especially can't stand the way the new Start menu is. I like the start menu that tabs outward like XP and 98, I hate how the menu stays inside the first box. Yech. I also reeeeally hate how MS Word and all the Office stuff is laid out. It's kinda like they were trying to make it fool proof and ended up just insulting everyone's intelligence while rearranging the layout people have been used to for a decade. oh well.

I'd totally get used to it, though. Those are no big deal as long as the system itself works fine, or better than XP. or Vista.

Oh, I do like the transparent bars. Those are nifty.
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Re: Windows 7

Postby Neko » Fri Feb 12, 17:35 2010

Just switched over to 7 yesterday.

I like it so far.
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Re: Windows 7

Postby Sorry » Sat Mar 13, 1:10 2010

When I built this fancy new PC I'm on, the copy of Vista came with a free upgrade to Win7... Kind of want to make the jump but don't want to make the time for it :/
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Re: Windows 7

Postby Pyro Chick » Sat Mar 13, 1:17 2010

Oh so I know this topic is dead but I wanted to post to say I installed 7 on my laptop and everything went smoothly! I love it
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Re: Windows 7

Postby SakuraSong » Sat Mar 13, 1:36 2010

Pyro Chick wrote:Oh so I know this topic is dead but I wanted to post to say I installed 7 on my laptop and everything went smoothly! I love it

Yes! Well, they did tweak a few things that I absolutely hate (such as saving to My Libraries everytime I want to save a document. No, I have my own separate documents, gtfo), but Windows 7 is just plain awesome.
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