Steampunk Desktop!

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Steampunk Desktop!

Postby katrinioso » Wed Apr 7, 11:24 2010

This was too awesome to not share with you guys..

Look around at some of the other projects too, the stuff on here is pretty fuckin' rad.

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Re: Steampunk Desktop!

Postby lillerina » Thu Apr 8, 3:18 2010

I totally thought you were going to link to this. I really love steampunk mods.
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Re: Steampunk Desktop!

Postby Mathmo » Thu Apr 8, 4:33 2010

Those are both so, so beautiful. So awesome.

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Re: Steampunk Desktop!

Postby helium » Thu Apr 8, 10:17 2010

Wow, I'd seen that desktop before but I don't think I've come across that laptop yet, they're both awesome!

I love steampunk... my school is putting on Molière's The Imaginary Invalid for the spring play and decided to make it steampunk and I am all about that shit!
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Re: Steampunk Desktop!

Postby Chococat » Thu Apr 8, 10:18 2010

I remember when he first posted that! Jake von Slatt is amazing.
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Re: Steampunk Desktop!

Postby Zeph » Thu Apr 8, 13:49 2010

I want both the desktop and the laptop SO BAD. I wish I had the time/creativity to modify things I own.

Thanks for sharing!

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Re: Steampunk Desktop!

Postby rowan » Thu Apr 8, 14:06 2010

And tools. Clearly I need more tools. (and time and money)
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Re: Steampunk Desktop!

Postby Rainbow Dolphins » Sat Apr 10, 13:05 2010

That is pretty much the best thing I have ever seen!
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Re: Steampunk Desktop!

Postby vega_pleiades » Wed Apr 14, 22:35 2010

Wow, that is a sexy, sexy desktop. Wish I had the cash to mod my desktop.
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