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case study

Posted: Sat May 6, 6:13 2017
by Ileen Kotter
I'm attending a business management analysis and solution seminar for 2 weeks. Part of our discussion is about risks and solutions in the company. Our facilitator has given a special task which we need to choose a specific company issue, do a brief analysis and present the case. I'm planning to consider an energy related consumption concern of one firm and how would they be able to minimize they expenses or even maintain the average level of expenditures. I should be able to present an analysis and a solution on how to manage and continuously monitor the process to prevent unwanted increase of consumption and expenses. I'm looking for a similar case study online and available solution appropriate for this case. If you know any relevant source such as blogs or any other related sites that I can use as my reference, please feel free to drop a line. Thanks.

Re: case study

Posted: Sat May 6, 8:31 2017
by Sonic#
The best I can suggest is doing some kind of search on either databases of peer-reviewed economics and business journals or Google Scholar.

Re: case study

Posted: Sat May 6, 14:35 2017
by rowan
I don't really know anything about that but you could try to tweak it and see about colleges that built wind turbines, there are a couple and I think there are things out there? Or something like that? Or there must be things that analyze stuff like that, I've seen household things so it must exist for businesses?