Women's self defense

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Re: Women's self defense

Postby Galen » Mon Feb 6, 9:39 2017

One of the things my model mugging class taught was getting yourself down on the floor and lying on your side and using one leg to kick with a stomping-like motion, aiming in particular for knees. For many women, the legs are much more powerful than the arms. There was never any talk of grabbing anyone's junk, though.

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Re: Women's self defense

Postby Chad » Mon Feb 27, 16:43 2017

Take a taser with high volt. People say its not working but I know people who made good use of it.
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Re: Women's self defense

Postby rowan » Tue Feb 28, 10:25 2017

That's illegal in some places. Check laws before you do that.
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Re: Women's self defense

Postby Taurwen » Tue Feb 28, 19:54 2017

Man, I would take myself the first time I was digging through my purse for a token.


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Re: Women's self defense

Postby Ana » Sun Mar 12, 13:27 2017

The model mugging class which Galen talks about has the important advantage of overcoming inhibitions, which was also referred in some other posts. Most likely, the victim is not a violent person and will be inhibited of actually hitting the attacker because it is not in her nature to do that.

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