MLP: Trump mad libs

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MLP: Trump mad libs

Postby Neko » Sun Feb 26, 8:49 2017

Trump mad lib generator

I tend to read transcripts of his speeches rather than listen to them. Instead, I'll just use this from now on. It can be accurate if you limit your vocabulary to a hundred words or so.

Some highlights:

Thank you everybody. It's great to be in Russia. We love Russia. We love Russia and also, you know what're gonna do? We are going to make Russia great again.

We're going to do these things, and the other thing we're going to do is we're going to rebuild our law and order. It's going to be bigger and longer and better than ever. And we're going to take care of our Muslims. We don't take care of our Muslims and they're in terrible shape and it's ridiculous.

And this whole thing they say all the time about wall, wall, wall. Look, wall is a disaster. It's a mess.

Oh and by the way, how bad is Donald J Trump? Donald J Trump is so bad. It's unbelievable how bad.

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Re: MLP: Trump mad libs

Postby Nachos » Sun Feb 26, 9:58 2017

This is good, but sad. Remember when we thought nothing could be worse than George W Bush?
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