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Storage and Disposal
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Postby Storage and Disposal » Thu Feb 2, 20:54 2006

I once changed my name on here to n_n
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Postby Eravial » Thu Feb 2, 21:04 2006

I just browsed through the galleries and I liked this. No real deeper meaning or anything. I did the same thing for the black cat I had for two years.

I am very fond of my new one.
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Postby vega_pleiades » Sat Feb 4, 12:09 2006

It's a scene from one of my favorite songs (Origin of Love) from Hedwig & The Angry Inch, one of my all-time favorite movies. It's two stick figures on a blanket watching a meteor shower together. The line that goes with it is also my title.

It fits with the stars thing with my username.
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Postby DruidX » Sat Feb 4, 13:04 2006

I made this avatar myself, because I couldn't find anything I liked. I think this avatar is a good reflection of me.
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Postby yeahyeahyeah » Sat Feb 4, 19:19 2006

Cute feet clad in flats, splayed awkwardly on the dance floor.
Story of my life.
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Postby bananasplitz » Sat Feb 4, 21:56 2006

I made my icon like, 2 years ago, when I was obsessed with making random abstract things on PSP.

It's been the same for those 2 years.

If I changed it, it would confuse people... I think.

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Postby sKaTe-BoReD-cHiCkLeT » Sat Feb 4, 23:27 2006

I didn't choose my icon, actually, my friend did. She says she chose it because it reminded her of me. Not sure why. Anywho, it's nifty.

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Postby Pieass » Thu Oct 26, 0:50 2006

I was looking for a pie.

For I am pieass.
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No I'm Not
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Postby No I'm Not » Thu Oct 26, 3:00 2006

It is a photo I took of Mei Mei's cat toy, long ago destroyed. I love how soft and surreal it looks. Green is one of my favourite colors.
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Flying Betty
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Postby Flying Betty » Thu Oct 26, 3:00 2006

Mine is the Cephal-iPod, a squid-shaped iPod cover. Because everyone loves squids even if they don't have an iPod.
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Postby sarcasm » Thu Oct 26, 8:55 2006

Mine is common sense - beware of the duck. My best friend gave me a toy duck almost 2 years ago, and I've been a bit crazy about ducks ever since...
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Postby rowan » Thu Oct 26, 9:47 2006

My avatar is a sun. I am an astronomer, though I don't work on anything sun-related. But I like shiny things, and the sun is very shiny. I've thought about replacing it with a less pixelated version but was too lazy and now I'm just kind of used to it.
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Postby Isis » Thu Oct 26, 10:36 2006

My pic is a tiny plaid ninja, because I love albinoblacksheep.....And tiny plaid ninjas.
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Postby DWH » Thu Oct 26, 11:16 2006

My avatar is a painting of mine that is now five years old, called Jazz and Blues. Probably the best thing I've painted to this day. This is aided by the fact that I don't have time to paint anymore, but I wish I could. In any case, I love that painting lots. It's currently displayed in my room on a music stand.
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Postby darkliquid » Thu Oct 26, 13:01 2006

My name - darkliquid
My avatar - a dark liquid.

Pretty sef-explanatory really.

It was part of a cool icon set made by an artist I found on the internet called darkalloy.

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Postby Zecorda » Thu Oct 26, 14:17 2006

Yeeeeaaaah, teapot. I love tea!
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Postby cwbyrvr » Thu Oct 26, 16:22 2006

Mine is a picture of a toilet that I took in a hotel. It has no real deep meaning, I just like it.
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Postby letthemimejive » Thu Oct 26, 17:28 2006

Mine's Franka Potente from Run Lola Run. It makes me happy.

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Postby newlydiscovered » Fri Oct 27, 1:53 2006

Its actually my eye, all messed with by my boyfriend-at-the-time. Actually, I should really change it. I keep thinking that, but I've never found anything to change it to, and thus, it has remained.
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Postby Ama » Fri Oct 27, 2:20 2006

My avatar is a picture of Osaka, from Azumanga Daioh. Partly I got it because I love Azumanga Daioh, but I also sort of have a lot in common with her. She's very ditzy, which I have to say... I can definitely be ditzy. And she'll stare off blankly for large periods of time caught up with some stray random thought that comes into her head, or watching something that fascinates her. I do that a lot too, and I can have a lot of trouble paying attention to what's going on around me. We are also both irredeemably silly.
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Postby Meperidine » Fri Oct 27, 6:20 2006

My userpic is an alto clef. It means I'm an alto. Kickassssss. Except that everyone's telling me I should technically be a soprano, but I don't give a shit.
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Postby Saberslash » Sat Oct 28, 13:34 2006

My current Avatar is actually of my cat, well, one of them..... I dunno, I just love my cats.
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Postby cob » Sat Oct 28, 13:55 2006

My avatar was made by Draak, a long time ago. It means I'm awesome, because Draak is awesome.

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Postby Le_Pingouin » Sat Oct 28, 14:35 2006

It's a penguin that I stole from some random wingding font, I colored it myself. I think it's pretty fucking awesome. I've had the same avatar the entire time I've been here at Spacefem, and I can't imagine ever changing it.
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Postby veggarina » Sun Oct 29, 12:32 2006

My avatar is always the little grim cartoon face from the cover of Sing Sing Death House by The Distillers. They're not my favourite band, although I love them much, and the face kind of is...me. Thats what I look like in real life. And your BLASTED 10kb requirements make it impossible for me to find another, more wholly representative image. And I never learned how to crop. So it looks like it's me and you buddy, the little crybaby face from the album, for the rest of all time. Mua ha ha.

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