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Postby MFS » Sat Jan 18, 18:04 2003

It was late, that fateful night. I was tired, yet thirsty, so I headed my way down to the local watering hole. As I walked into the dimly lit bar, a chill ran down my spine - an omen, yet wa it for good or for ill? There was but one way to find out.

I crossed the sparse room, moving a wooden chair out of my way. The pianist was clearly drunk, as she fumbled her way across the ivories. She was playing some bastardized mix of Druan Duran, the Smashing Pumpkins, and the Hollies. "Her Name was Rio in a Black Dress", she called it, as she lamented in half prose something that I think was a slight about my pants. I sat down at the bar and ordered a water, with a hint of lime, but only if it was a key lime.

The bartender thought I must have been insane, to which I would not have denied the claim. He handed me the water, and asked for his money. I handed him a $50 and told him to buy me some 'Nilla Wafers. He said no. I pouted.

I walked over to the pinao player and said to her, "Hey, hows it goin'?"

She proceded to drool on her own hands and giggle slyly. She attempted to mutter something about vodka and gerbils, though I could not be sure about the vodka. I could tell that this was getting me nowhere, and I didn't need a lush like this in my own band.

I scanned the room, taking in the scene. There were a handful of people there, a few couples, but mostly people kept to themselves. Must have been why the bar was called "Loner's Place". Very aptly named.

Suddenly something, or should I say someone, caught my attention from the corner of my eye. Back in the shadows, far from everyone else, I saw a light growing. There she was, in all her glory. She had just kicked some poor fool in the crotch, poured kerosine on him, and set him on fire. I could just hear her utter something about "neopets" and "blobs" and something else about the width of some band, perhaps she meant a belt? I never cared to ask to find out for sure.

I walked over to her, and felt the warmth growing between us. That, or it was the burning guy laying on the floor next to us. It mattered little.

"Hey, you're tall." I cleverly stated to her, flashing my best smile.

She looked at me like I was insane and said, "You're insane."

Quickly, I grabbed her arm and turned her slightly clockwise. She glared at me and said, "Why the fuck are you touching me?"

"You were about to catch fire."

"Oh. Worship me."

"Can I lick your arm?"

"Only if you choose to spend the rest of your life on my website."

I thought about that for about an hour or so, until the pianist passed out after barfing on the bartender.

"Ok," I said to her. "My name is Spork. Motherfuckin Spork. I love apples."

She proceded to beat me over the head until I was unconscious. Never before had I felt so relaxed. It was like heaven.

So there you have it... this is how I came to reside on this site.
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Postby SparklyStar » Wed Oct 25, 21:42 2006

The year was 2002. It was October. I was a 15 year old sophmore in high school. I was bored one afternoon, and I came across a quiz. The quiz I came across? Why it was the "Militant Feminist Quiz" of! I looked around the website and discovered that there was a forum. I decided to join.

Four years have passed since then. I am now a 19 yer old sophmore in college. My post count might not reflect the fact that I've been around that long, but I've been here, watching your every move.

On a side note: JESUS H. CHRIST I HAVE BEEN A MEMBER HERE FOR OVER FOUR YEARS! That is a very long period of time for me.
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Postby vega_pleiades » Wed Oct 25, 22:16 2006

I have a vague recollection of seeing useless blobs when I was like...ten, and then forgetting about them. Occasionally I'd think, "What was that site again?" And then one day on Neopets I came across the blobs. And I clicked on it.

I did everything on the site, and the last thing I did was join the forums and immediately proceed to stink everything up with my idiocy.

I think I was like, 11 or 12.
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Postby Maples is not a Neo-Nazi » Wed Oct 25, 22:32 2006

Basically the same as Vega's. I was 9 years old when I first discovered Spacefem when someone had one of the useless blobs on their neopets shop layout. Went through the site, enjoyed it, bookmarked it, and never went through it again. So, I deleted the site from my bookmarks into the trash.

Well, almost a year later, and I had turned 10 by now, I went looking through my trash to retreive something I hadn't meant to delete and I spotted the old old bookmark I had deleted. I restored it, checked it out, was suprised to find it different, liked what I read, and about two months later, I joined.

Hey, I was a really cool 9-year old, ok? :P
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Postby Rinoa » Wed Oct 25, 22:45 2006

Well I was in 7th grade, so I must've been 13 years old. I saw the useless blobs in one of the clubs I was in on Bolt, and I was like OMG IM IN 7TH GRADE WOWOWOWOWOOW COOOL PRETTYNESS, and then after I had my fill of useless blobs, I saw the forums and probably thought something like WOWOWOWOWOW FUN CONVERSATIONS I WANT TO BE IN IT!!11!!!!1!!!!

Yeah. That's how that went.
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Postby helium » Wed Oct 25, 23:28 2006

In AD 2003, war was begining.

MFS: What happen?
RD: Somebody set us up the squeaky!
MFS: What?!
RD: Main site turn on!
Squeaky: How are you nerds.
Squeaky: All your pie are belong to us.

That was pretty much how it went down. I still have their pies to this day!

Ha ha ha...
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Postby Pieass » Thu Oct 26, 0:43 2006

My friends were all into animation. I had just got into it and started off small, really small. Stick figure wise.

My best friend introduced me to "The Stick Figure Death Club" over of Conforums. Man did we have some good times on that board. I was the infamous Pieass. I was there for a while, until the place started to die. I remember I was surfing on my old haunt when a "Spacefem" came by to say hello and left her website. I walked on over and discovered I was at a feminist forum. Being awesome, I joined. I was here for a long time being a n00b then I left for about 8 months, came back and changed my name to Pierce. Dig it.
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Postby darkliquid » Thu Oct 26, 0:45 2006

I seemed to spend so much time reading over DruidX' shoulder while she perused this cool forum full of interesting people that I decided to join in myself.

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Postby DruidX » Thu Oct 26, 2:29 2006

It was while I was at Uni, back in 2002, that I first stumbled across spacefem in a search for XMMS skins for my newly installed Linux box. Foolishly, at that time, I never noticed the forums. Had I done so, I might have stayed at Uni, instead of wasting the last four years of my life. But 'twas not to be. Some time later, again in search of XMMS skins [having lost them previously] I found spacefem again. This time I stayed a while longer and checked out the rest of the site. Again, however, I still didn't find the forums [yes, I was very dense]. It was that last final time, that I actually noticed the forums, and from then on, I was hooked. I have never looked back since :)

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Postby No I'm Not » Thu Oct 26, 2:45 2006

The blobs. On some random game site I used to amuse myself on (not Neopets, probably something worse). I was 13. Then about 2 years ago I had a little kerfuffle with my email and managed to somehow lock myself out of my account, so I made a new one. Good thing, too - my old username was really quite sad and all of the blackmail material is in the posts I made with that account :)
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Postby Flying Betty » Thu Oct 26, 3:03 2006

Found the quizzes, took a few, and left. Later, my friend was kind of depressed over her lack of a boyfriend and I was looking for something that would cheer her up and I found this place again. I was poking around and saw that Spacefem was an electrical engineer which made me happy. Then I found the forum and got sucked in.
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Postby lillerina » Thu Oct 26, 4:16 2006

Browsing through someone's livejournal one day, I saw that they were an Orange Polka-Dotted pigflet wearing light blue lipstick, and wondered briefly what I would be were I to take the same questions. I followed the windy linking path of the picture, and discovered the quizzes.

"Hey, this is pretty cool," said 16-year-old me, bookmarking the quizzes page. A couple of days later, I returned to the site, but found myself on the front page. An article caught my eye. "Give it back," I told the article sternly. "Not until you read me," it replied evilly. So I read the article, which was on the trials of being a genius, by TromboneKatie. I then returned to the front page - Katie's article was a little whiny for my taste, although I could see where she was coming from. I noticed another article, although I made sure to keep hold of my eyes this time. "Let go, you're squeezing us!" shouted my eyes. Reluctantly I let them run off and read about why someone disliked Emo.

I followed the links around the article and found myself on the forum proper. "I may as well register," I thought, so I did. That simple.
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Postby Storage and Disposal » Thu Oct 26, 7:39 2006

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Postby DWH » Thu Oct 26, 11:31 2006

I was a senior in high school, bouncy and excited about my multitude of AP exams hovering on the horizon. Coming down to the computer I shared with my younger sister one day, I noticed with a great deal of irritation that she'd changed my homepage again. "Silly girl," I rolled my eyes, "why do you keep getting rid of" Scanning the page to see what could possibly be more worthwhile than Star Wars, one of the articles grabbed my attention. It simply read, "Math." Being in two AP math classes at the time, my life's slogan was "Math is great, it's better than chocolate cake." So I registered, and posted just that on the thread. And the rest is history.
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Postby cwbyrvr » Thu Oct 26, 16:26 2006

I was a junior in high school, and had just recently met Zephyrcatt. She transferred into my Algebra class and was a sophomore. We pretty quickly became friends, and began communicating via our websites in Webmastering class. Zephyrcatt had a bunch of spacefem stuff on her page, which led me to begin frequenting spacefem. I soon discovered that there was a forum and I joined it.
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Postby newlydiscovered » Fri Oct 27, 1:50 2006

In 2002 or 2003, the boy I was in love with sent me a link to the useless quiz. Being addicted to the internet and entirely bored most of the time, I then explored the rest of the sight, and, after lurking for some time, finally joined the site in all my n00bish glory.
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Postby Ama » Fri Oct 27, 2:15 2006

I used to be really into doing online quizzes and seeing all the different results they would give me for things, and it so happened that one day, a person's blog that I read solely to take their quizzes had a link to a spacefem quiz. I thought to myself, "hey, that was pretty cool. I wonder what their other quizzes are like." I then lurked on the forums for about half a year and thought everyone was really cool, so I joined.
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Postby BlackCloud » Fri Oct 27, 7:08 2006

Humn... It was MFS who showed me the site.
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Postby Meperidine » Fri Oct 27, 16:20 2006

Like Vega, I had a Neopets encounter. I was nine and found a blob, and then a useless quiz result. I took the useless quiz and spent many happy hours with it, and then showed it to my dear friend who was here for awhile, ChunkyMonkey259. (That's her name in real life too.)

She laughed at them too, and then we took a look at the evil quiz (me: Secretly, though I've moved up to Creatively, her: Maniacally) and the Feminist quiz (me: 60%, now an 80%, her 80%). She understood a LOT more of that quiz than me...

I quickly forgot about most of it, but then I got an email from her about a year and a half ago when she was far away in Austria that read "oh, and the Spacefem forums kick ass."

And now I'm here, and she's not. Whee!
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Postby Eater of Socks » Sat Oct 28, 2:43 2006

Having just slain another fierce foe, I proceeded to wander deep into the forest. It became dark very quickly, and I lost my way.

Suddenly, I heard a faint sound. It sounded like laughter! I slowly approached a nearby clearing, in the midst of which was a fire and a group of strange creatures. I watched and waited for a long time, before finally revealing and introducing myself, albeit somewhat awkwardly.

To this day I know not what those creatures were, only that they go by the name of Spacefemmites.

This was basically a long-winded way of saying that I don't remember. Also, I've actually been lurking since about... '03, I think? I signed up in '04 with an account, but was horrifically n00bish. I lost track of the site for a while, then remembered it and signed up again.

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Postby edit the sad parts » Sat Oct 28, 10:20 2006

I was searching on Google for some Feminist slogans for an Art project that I was working on at the time. It pointed me to Spacefem, and I read the forums, thought it seemed like a cool place and decided to join.
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Postby Saberslash » Sat Oct 28, 13:18 2006

I really don't remember. I know it was a hard time in my life, and I somehow ended up here. I remember getting in trouble a lot, sadly, that did help me..... In any case I am here. I am here to.... uh... wear pants.....
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Postby Eravial » Sat Oct 28, 16:13 2006

It was the summer of '03. I was in the throes of pre-teenage confusion and social dependency, and my good friend The Disembodied Head told me to go to this mystical site, I ventured tentatively into the world of Internet Forums, looked at a couple threads, and enlisted myself in the kerosene-weilding, men-kicking, fire-throwing army. I've never looked back, though I have been reduced to a "lurking" status lately.
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Postby spez » Sat Oct 28, 20:19 2006

spike brought me here, often talking about pierce and how cool he was. she often told me about his graffiti art, which intrigued me to visit the site, so i came. And, never left. I was sure I would have ran off after about a week because I never stay on sites. But here I am, still posting shitty posts.
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Postby Isis » Sun Oct 29, 11:34 2006

I went through a major internet quiz phase, and found the evil quiz. I then followed the links page to Keepers of Lists, and didn't come back to Spacefem for a few years. Eventually I did, though, and MFS scared me by posting in my "Hi, I'm new" thread. But I stuck (lurked) around, with sporadic bouts of posting. This is one of them.

Actually, I just realized that today is my 2 year anniversary of joining the forums. Teehee,
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