How do you generally stand on political issues?

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Postby Neko » Wed Nov 8, 23:01 2006

rowan wrote:
Le_Pingouin wrote:
rowan wrote:Left-leanings socially; right-leanings fiscally. Sometimes these conflict and usually social wins out over fiscal. (And I'll say that by "right-leanings," I don't mean these people who have forgotten all about about fiscal responsibility)
Psst... that's a libertarian, darlin'.

I don't like to associate with any given political party. :)

Judging by the description, I should consider myself to be Libertarian too.
But I feel the same way about associating with political parties.

We're pretty much in the same boat! :D
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Postby darkliquid » Sun Nov 12, 2:51 2006

No single part seems to match exactly what I feel. I consider myself mostly liberal, but I have wildly different and conflicting views on various things.

Generally I avoid politics as usually I end up having to choose the ones that are 'the least bad', and that I find depressing.

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Postby newlydiscovered » Sun Nov 12, 3:07 2006

I'm a lefty. Pretty far left anyway.
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Postby Tastaria » Fri Nov 17, 14:15 2006

I cannot stand politicians, no matter where they stand, but I agree with many conservatives and no liberals. I just believe in common sense and traditional values.
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Postby Spike » Fri Dec 15, 14:56 2006

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Postby deanimal » Sun Jan 7, 17:58 2007

Social issues like abortion and gay marriage and drug legalization have me pegged as a hardcore liberal. I do not support capital punishment, but only because of the immense risk of killing innocent people presumed guilty, not because I think no one deserves to die.

Fiscally, I'm much more conservative, especially with, say, Social Security (privatize!), but I'd love to see a more government sponsored health program.
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Postby spez » Fri Feb 2, 18:58 2007

...politics...? ~eats a carrot~
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Postby k7fcb » Mon Feb 5, 18:22 2007

I'm very very liberal, and would consider myself a democrat. I'm pro choice, pro gay marriage, pro stem cell research. Against the death penalty. Legalize weed. If there's an issue I'm almost always on the liberal side.
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Postby Durel » Mon Aug 20, 2:55 2007

I mostly feel like most topics don't concern me... but when I think about it and skim through some things I read here, I think to be pro-monarch.
Like, with a nice King/Queen, who also cares for the people he/she reigns over, but also has the possibility to make quick decisions when forced to.
Would have to be a very wise person.

But that's utopia, so...

Rather democratic/liberal.
Let people live with/love whom they want, it's their darn choice. AND none of my business.

Also, legalize weed OR prohibite alcohol, 'cause as far as I see it, it's at least equally dangerous, yet alcohol is said to be more damaging... or so... I didn't really put up with it, but weed seems ok (stoned people won't beat you up).

But I can't make any always-legal statement, because I have to think things over issue by issue.
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Postby imogene the fish » Mon Aug 20, 13:16 2007

I'm so far left as to almost be socialist.

In the US we need universal healthcare, food and housing. Our poor are treated so awfully. I'm pro-choice, pro-gay-rights, pro-stemcell research, pro-free speech, pro-preserving the environment, pro-disability rights, pro-preserving of culture, pro-immigration, pro-peace and I very much believe in a sepparation of church and state. I believe in the death penalty, but only in the most severe cases (basically 1/20th as much as we use it).
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Postby Tweek » Wed Oct 10, 3:17 2007

I always vote Conservative, of course that isn't the same here as in the US.

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Postby cwbyrvr » Wed Oct 10, 16:07 2007

Tweek wrote:I always vote Conservative, of course that isn't the same here as in the US.

I might actually swing as a conservative in other countries. It's sad how convoluted the words have become here.
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Postby letthemimejive » Mon Dec 3, 0:21 2007


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Postby FernGully » Mon Dec 3, 15:44 2007

I am a well-informed swing voting weirdo. I officially am a member of the Liberal Party of Canada, but I have a difficult time maintaining a party devotion because I follow current events and don't make my decisions as a liberal. So basically, officially I pay my dues to the liberal party, but I'll ditch out if I deem it appropriate and opt for something better.

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Postby LaPanda » Mon Dec 3, 19:17 2007

I call myself "Independant." I am liberal on most issues, though. I mostly vote Democratic.
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Postby lillerina » Sat Jan 5, 6:24 2008

Lefty liberal. Radical feminist, pro- NHS, free education, queer rights, disability rights, women's rights, trans* rights.
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Postby erinoir » Sat Jan 5, 16:34 2008

Libertarian, as described by Le_Pingouin

Honestly, I just think our political system needs a major overhaul. For instance, it should be possible for someone who is middle class to run and be elected to a federal seat, even the presidential seat. It currently is far from possible.

- Erinoir

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Postby Gealach » Sat Feb 23, 15:30 2008

Socially, left. Don't dictate what a person can and cannot do (so long as they aren't hurting someone else). Economically I'm right smack on that lovely picket fence (erm, though mine isn't white. It's mauve). I tend to vote (or would if I ever got my absentee ballot on time) on social issues instead of economic ones.
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Postby thechocolatebanana » Tue Apr 8, 17:59 2008

Right-leaning Libertarian.

Yay for personal choice!
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Postby Mordak » Tue Apr 15, 1:53 2008

I've been voting Greens since forever and have been a sponsor and pro-greens activist with the Wilderness Society for two years now.

Screw the rest of it all, it's Earth and us blue-collar workers/ pensioners that needs saving in my opinion.
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Postby The Other Lizard » Thu Apr 17, 17:19 2008

I'm a social democrat. Look it up.
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Postby monk » Thu Apr 17, 19:53 2008

EBP (evil bastard party) I believe everyone should get what they need then the government should tax the crap out of it and take it away.
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Postby vega_pleiades » Fri May 9, 0:41 2008

I believe in sex and drugs and rock and roll.

I think only ridiculously smart people should be president. I don't want to have a fucking beer with the President. They should have better things to do.
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Re: How do you generally stand on political issues?

Postby RockinRose » Sat May 2, 16:51 2009

Socially, very liberal. Pro-choice, pro-LGBT rights, pro-universal healthcare, and such.

Fiscally, moderate. I'm willing to admit that sometimes we liberals have great ideas but sometimes haven't the foggiest clue how to pay for it.

Also, could those of you who stated that you support "traditional values" possibly explain what you mean and why? I feel like that gets thrown around a lot and yet can mean so many different things.


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Re: How do you generally stand on political issues?

Postby skycloud86 » Tue Feb 2, 8:31 2010

Anarchist, with some Communist thrown in there.

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