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Re: What's your major?

Postby letyourlifesing » Tue Nov 4, 11:27 2008

I've got a BA in Peace Studies and I'm due to start a PGCert in Management and Participation as part of my job.

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Re: What's your major?

Postby Nillerz » Thu Nov 6, 17:55 2008

Web Dev

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Re: What's your major?

Postby Pyro Chick » Thu Nov 6, 19:17 2008

English with a concentration in Language Arts. I am also doing the Masters of Arts in Teaching program for PK-6
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Re: What's your major?

Postby Neko » Thu Nov 6, 21:22 2008

Engineering Physics, Plasma Science and Engineering

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Re: What's your major?

Postby trombonekatie » Thu Nov 6, 22:10 2008

Sociology, minoring in Journalism... going to Portland State next semester, hopefully I'll like it better than I liked Sac State.

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Re: What's your major?

Postby Eravial » Thu Nov 6, 22:29 2008

B.S. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. My independent research projects have consisted of studying the social patterns of slime moulds and population sex ratios of beetles. Love it!!
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Re: What's your major?

Postby sarcasticgal1221 » Tue Nov 25, 17:24 2008

I am double majoring in Studio Art and English Language and Literature.

For Graduate School, I am planning to either study Law and Public Health with the intent research and teaching, or the Anthropology of Cyberculture with an emphasis on Art Theory and Sociology.
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Re: What's your major?

Postby Kira_Valoka » Mon Dec 1, 19:56 2008

I finally decided! (one of the last things I posted before dropping off the face of this side of the intertubes was trying to decide what to major in)

I am majoring in Electrical Engineering.

I thought about going for Computer Engineering, but then I figured if some sort of crazy pre-THE-Apocalyptical apocalypse happens, the CpEs will have to wait around for us EEs to finish rebuilding the technology before they can refine the software that runs on it. So I would win in a post-pre-THE-Apocalyptical-apocalyptical job market.

That, and the department head gave me this long-winded spiel about how it's easier to narrow down than "broaden up," or some such nonsensical way to say a simple point (he barely speaks English; yes, it's his native language).

I also study languages, because I am still a language nerd. I ditched Spanish classes :( (they were even more redundant than high school!) and am almost finished with all of the Russian classes that are available. I wonder if I should take German, Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese?), or Arabic next...

I have started doubting if I will go to grad school... there's a level on which I love academia, but I think I'm not really suited for it.

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Re: What's your major?

Postby Kira_Valoka » Mon Dec 1, 20:00 2008

[quote="Eravial"]Bioengineering, and I'm one of like a dozen at my university that is NOT pre-med!![/quote]

BioE does not HAVE to go to medicine :P
Most of the BioEs here are medically inclined too, and the few who aren't get ripped apart during presentations when they do projects that don't directly relate to medicine (using special microscopes to determine properties of live cells, creating biofuels... I'm being vague and generalized because I don't think I'm supposed to hear as much as I do from that department).

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Re: What's your major?

Postby moop. » Tue Dec 2, 19:31 2008

declared BFA in theater entering into my freshmen year. dropped to BA and added a double with English. transferring as a BFA in theater with a minor in english next semester. will be transferring again as a BFA in theater with an emphasis in theater history/directing and minors in peace studies and writing with the intent on going into performance studies and indigenous theater abroad.

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Re: What's your major?

Postby The Shrew Reborn » Tue Dec 9, 19:39 2008

Bachelors of Music in Violin Performance.

Yeah, what do you do with this degree? Play at weddings.

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Re: What's your major?

Postby SakuraSong » Thu Dec 25, 13:00 2008

No college major yet, but my high school has a majors systems that's quite like a college major system. I'm majoring in Civil Engineering, but I don't think I'll stick with it through college. It's quite fun though. I especially LOVE surveying parks and neighborhoods with our spiffy surveying equipments.

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Re: What's your major?

Postby Dollface » Mon Dec 29, 12:29 2008

I'm majoring in Government (Political Science at most colleges), minors in Women's Studies and History

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Re: What's your major?

Postby Ashworth » Sun Jan 18, 15:36 2009

I don't like telling people my major, because it requires further explanation.

I'm majoring in Informatics, with a History minor. The School of Informatics offers two degrees: Informatics and Computer Science. Computer Science is focused on the hardware and programming area of computers, while Informatics focuses on the software itself and how to improve software and adapt it to real life situations. So far as careers go, the School of Informatics website lists website designer, software developer, and network manager.

And that is why I don't like telling people my major.

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Re: What's your major?

Postby RockinRose » Sat May 2, 16:57 2009

I'm a double major in English and Media Studies.

My grad degree will probably be in Journalism, but that's not set in stone.

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Re: What's your major?

Postby Zeph » Wed Nov 18, 13:30 2009

Undergrad was interdisciplinary, French, Political Science, and Linguistics. My graduate degree is in Information Science (Library Science + extra technology) with some French courses thrown in for fun. I'm considering getting a teaching certification if substitute teaching works out.

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Re: What's your major?

Postby human_condition » Thu May 26, 8:32 2011

Music, in which I majored in composition :)

For the first two years of my course 1/3 of my degree was in English Literature, then I gave those modules up for all Music ones. The Music was more interesting (I got to take the module Music and Gender which explored gender identity and discrimination in the classical and pop worlds), and the English modules were just more of the same- either Shakespeare, Romantic, or Modernist.

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Re: What's your major?

Postby Sonic# » Thu May 26, 11:02 2011

English, with minors in Math (two classes from a major), and History. (I was a requirement away from a minor in Women's Studies.) I'm doing graduate work in English.

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Re: What's your major?

Postby musicalcats » Tue Jun 14, 11:42 2011

B.A. in Music Education with an Instrument emphasis

That Music and Gender class sounds awesome. My big project my senior year was about Sex (as in biological) and music. I looked at male/female breakdown of bands, choirs, and orchestras in the area. I also looked at visibility in magazines and such. If I go for my masters, I'd like to do a bigger project on it.

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