Helloooooo Nurse(s)

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Helloooooo Nurse(s)

Postby zxanguissettexz » Mon Jul 18, 10:16 2011

Well... Hi!

I'm Kat - new member, long time reader. I'm a university student studying meteorology, and I have a tendency to get distracted by clouds. I enjoy reading any book I can get my hands on, writing poetry/fiction, rowing, scuba diving, cooking... Pretty much anything I can do with friends is nice. Oh, and Dr. Who is pretty much the best thing ever :roll:

Its nice to meet you all, and I look forward to joining in!

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Butterfly North

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Re: Helloooooo Nurse(s)

Postby Butterfly North » Mon Jul 18, 12:54 2011

Welcome! Would you say when out and about you have an above average chance of predicting the weather based on what you can see of the clouds, or is meteorology a bit more measurement/instrument based?

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Re: Helloooooo Nurse(s)

Postby Sonic# » Mon Jul 18, 13:08 2011

Welcome to the board. I only have one question: do you like fezzes?

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Re: Helloooooo Nurse(s)

Postby cwbyrvr » Mon Jul 18, 14:07 2011

Welcome to the site. :)
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Re: Helloooooo Nurse(s)

Postby zxanguissettexz » Mon Jul 18, 14:22 2011

I'd say I'm only slightly better at predicting by looking at the clouds than your average joe... It gets easier the more you know about fronts and wind shear because then you can look at what's happening to the clouds and say oh! I know what that means! But largely, yeah, instruments are where its at.

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Re: Helloooooo Nurse(s)

Postby HelixLuco » Tue Jul 19, 15:38 2011

which incarnation of The Doctor is your favorite?

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Re: Helloooooo Nurse(s)

Postby great girl wonder » Wed Jul 27, 19:01 2011

I enjoy laying outside and watching the clouds, I often fall asleep doing it. Clouds are nice.

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