Elections in Burma!

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Elections in Burma!

Postby Mathmo » Sun Apr 1, 6:50 2012

So I think this is really exciting :) it seems that Burma are getting free and fair elections for the first time, and nobody is being attacked or being pressured to vote a certain way. They are by-elections for 45 seats (the parliament has 644) so this is kind of gradual change but it seems like their government are doing really awesome things to start things changing.


(Of course it's just a start and there is much to be done and it's far from perfect etc etc, but I'm tired of always complaining about things not being right, and failing to celebrate when they get better (NB not that I'm accusing anyone here of doing that, it's just it seems to me to be something that's hard *not* to do the more aware you are of feminist/human rights/etc problems). This seems to be a real step forward!)

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Re: Elections in Burma!

Postby sagermo » Sun Apr 1, 12:04 2012

I just read that exact same story and was very happy about it. It's awesome to witness things actually change for the better. I've always thought Aung San Suu Kyi was super inspirational, and I hope everything is carried out peacefully and fairly.
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