March for Science Event

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March for Science Event

Postby rinn » Sun Apr 16, 18:19 2017

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Re: March for Science Event

Postby rowan » Sun Apr 16, 20:49 2017

I've seen lots of good sign ideas, and I know people had sign making events this weekend. Some simple ideas:
Science is Real
Science NOT #AlternativeFacts
Climate Change Is Real
Facts Matter
Evidence Based Policy
$$$ for Fundamental Science
I've seen some pretty nerdy/mathy ones but honestly I think just simple is better.

I'm also totally for signs like Abortion Is Healthcare on signs that otherwise say science things. MAKE IT POLITICAL because science IS political, has always BEEN political and STFU to anyone who says otherwise, because history disagrees.

I'm not going. It's been a challenge because I think on the one hand it's important but on the other hand I have super not been impressed with the responses to inclusive and diversity, and how awful they've been to WOC and disabled folks in particular. But that's super personal, and I'm all for other people going if they want to. I've been to a bunch of protests already, I think it's important to protest, be seen &c. And it's really fun and energizing and such. So go! Enjoy!

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