MLP: Welcome to Pyongyang

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MLP: Welcome to Pyongyang

Postby helium » Tue May 17, 23:05 2011 ... ang/827508

Charlie Crane is a photographer who spent a year getting permission to go to North Korea's capital city, Pyongyang, and take pictures. They all come off as very carefully staged, super eerie and many times beautiful. I feel like the staged quality of the pictures almost says as much about North Korea as if he was allowed to take candid photos, just because they seem so bizarrely perfect.

This was one of my favorites (it's pretty big so I'll just link it): ... 1ca565.jpg

What is she supposed to be doing there with that massive backhoe?
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Re: MLP: Welcome to Pyongyang

Postby Storage and Disposal » Tue May 17, 23:12 2011

Kind of reminds me of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
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Re: MLP: Welcome to Pyongyang

Postby Meperidine » Tue May 17, 23:44 2011

^ Awesome.

Dude sitting next to me: "It seems almost like the people were added for context." Also "Everything is white and grey which is just how I picture North Korea.

It seems like they have some nice stuff, which makes sense given how fast South Korea got its shit together. The picture of the men bending over desks is soul-crushing, but I really like the figure skater and the woman writing in the woods.

It must have been an art decision to make everything so monochrome--the statue of those people in the fog on a lake--and the rotary phones were a weird shock. This is cool, seeing pictures of North Korea. Thanks.
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