what planet would you like to visit?

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what planet would you like to visit?

Postby spacebot » Fri Apr 14, 2:00 2017

what planet would you like to visit?

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Re: what planet would you like to visit?

Postby Sonic# » Fri Apr 14, 6:48 2017

I have to narrow it down (based on memory, apologies for inaccuracies):
Mercury: close to the sun, might be alright on shadow side. Downside: dawn is really hot.
Venus: Could I parasail in the upper atmosphere? Downside: then I'd fall and die like immediately from acid and heat.
Earth: Known quantity. Downside: if I'm just visiting, I'd have to go home to one of these other painful planets.
Mars: Red. Just a bit cold. Might have water. Not a terrible choice. Downside: That Doctor Who episode made me really scared of the water on Mars.
Jupiter: Bigger, also red with other colors. Lots of moons. Downside: Being crushed and torn apart by dense clouds of gas and liquid.
Saturn: Big, has rings. Not quite as hostile as Jupiter. Downside: still about the same.
Uranus: Hehehe. Downside: still about the same.
Neptune: In my eyes, the prettiest planet. Downside: still about the same.
Exoplanets: I would leap at the chance to go to one of these planets. Downside: They're so far away I'd be old or dead before we got there.

So, top three:
Exoplanet, because figuring out whether they're viable or as painful as Venus sounds like fun.
Mars, because that seems almost doable.
Mercury, if I can have a perpetual choo-choo that goes around the planet and avoids dawn.

And if I weren't landing, Neptune.

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Re: what planet would you like to visit?

Postby rowan » Fri Apr 14, 8:45 2017

Come snorkel on Enceladus with me!

Have y'all seen NASA/JPL's travel posters? https://www.jpl.nasa.gov/visions-of-the-future/
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