Do you like pointless wastes of time? Then online quizzes are for you! Here's a quick rundown of the ones on my site...

Annoying Entity Test
Another test I created to make fun of people, because people just need to be made fun of. Especially ones with Geocities pages.

Which Dewey Decimal Section Are You?
Using your name and or birthday, this lovely meme assigns you a section and class in the Dewey Decimal System. You might be something cool, like 387 (water, air, and space transportation) or something totally lame that's not even assigned, there's only one way to find out. You even get to choose your own results color scheme, because my quizzes are getting more new-fangled every day. Get your library on!

Do You Need A Boyfriend?
If you don't like this quiz, it's because you fear an independent self-sufficient woman! The answers are surprisingly similar, but satisfying.

Evil Type Test
It's fun to be evil! See what type you are. Your friends will not be surprised.

The Invisible Thing Quiz
If you were invisible, what totally stupid thing would you be?

HTML Colors
There are 140 named HTML colors. Which one represents you?

Love Quiz
Who on the internet loves you, and why?

The Militant Feminist Quiz
The quiz that launched a thousand angry e-mails! And we all know how healthy anger is.

Mnemonic Device Creator
A random sentence that matches up with your name, or whatever else you put in.

Moon phases
Type in your birthday and find out what its lunar phase says about your personality.

Are you normal?
Tell us some things about you, we'll figure out what a weirdo you are.

Psychic Quiz
Are you psychic? See if you are, and then let someone else test their skills on you.

Rainbow Quiz
Your personality adds a unique tint to the world. What color is your rainbow?

Take Up A Hobby
Need something to do? We'll help!

Thousand day birthday
Want to celebrate your birth every 1000 days? This will figure out when your next big party should be.

The Useless Quiz
I created this to make fun of other quizzes, because all its answers are blatently pointless, instead of undercover pointless like with most quizzes.

What's Your Geek Time?
Find out what decade your geeky side really stems from.