Spacefem's Digital Scrapbook Paper Pack Generator

This simple tool lets you apply any color you want to our collection of public domain patterns that make great scrapbook paper. I know this isn't the only one of these things on the web, but it's the simplest! I just couldn't believe how hard it was one day to find a simple chevron pattern and figured the world could use something like this.

Enter a hexadecimal HTML color in the box below. If you don't know what that is, you can use a color picker like the one at
The resulting page will generate a whole bunch of 300 pixel seamless tileable images in all kinds of handy patterns... stripes, swirls, paper textures, and of COURSE chevrons :) All images are released into the public domain. I made some of them, others are from openclipart, the important thing is that you can do whatever you want!

Can't think of a color? Try one of these:

10a109 2cb0af 1175c1 6ce20d 6bedae 497412 51bd33 7815a2 07c1a0 cf7c10 208cb2 2ab963 d9cbd8 9b37ba a8a3a8 57ec1c 6a3dda 9db5f0 3fbdb1 e08c2d f1adb9 a4d773 07b03e df4b76 9af419 424b05 5fb543 3953f9 2a93b6 db7342 0965f0 c309c7 361078 74f0c3 eb8bb8 04cd03 092cb9 4c660c 46909f fc6c13 3f7678 2f3a82 f77193 6fe684 33d10f ebd5dc efde09 a92b70 b57201 556e6e 69ade4 e2dd1f 64d490 f74476 7c7747 8b631c 6853fb 71fc27 e1b199 e30707 5170b5 355393 55b768 e5afac 5b2b24 a2b688 bf1fdb ba90d7 e27289 7b5591 83a602 39dc55 cc310c 3517bc e172e8 06159f 8fd4be 6a8f4e 4271c1 cbed17 5c70be 5ea99b b476cd c1abe4 7d8d56 65946c 042340 c38ed0 12d041 d39b2e ebf89e a95748 440bbf 11cd6a f64af8 4db08c b9b5b0 fa783e ca8a0e 0b5eaa 3a49a3

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