Spacefem's Digital Scrapbook Paper Pack Generator

This simple tool lets you apply any color you want to our collection of public domain patterns that make great scrapbook paper. I know this isn't the only one of these things on the web, but it's the simplest! I just couldn't believe how hard it was one day to find a simple chevron pattern and figured the world could use something like this.

Enter a hexadecimal HTML color in the box below. If you don't know what that is, you can use a color picker like the one at
The resulting page will generate a whole bunch of 300 pixel seamless tileable images in all kinds of handy patterns... stripes, swirls, paper textures, and of COURSE chevrons :) All images are released into the public domain. I made some of them, others are from openclipart, the important thing is that you can do whatever you want!

Can't think of a color? Try one of these:

6a0a20 b00d26 cb5fef 486f8e 99567b 9f24e3 a66139 64397e 1f457c b72b46 d69650 f7465d 1e12bd 0d5a2d 9cf483 1794a8 fa3a09 339f43 b2bf88 2f77b4 754d4a c64591 2463a4 e171fe 0f0df3 922587 3b20c2 445361 880620 113698 c5ace5 10722b a2968e 4678ff 45880d 381b32 c05652 829aa6 e422ad 0533e3 9df98f 830a02 aeac99 3cf212 3c389a 4970b5 7b310b cdb3a6 7498c9 219dfd 043af7 94bd01 966bad 2fa8a0 41e4d9 dc2d49 91a87b 9d762e 43eac7 0c0b64 0a109e 01a45c 023bc8 b06b71 51ad55 2a8983 741a2c efb7a3 1efb8d e50899 4a12aa e9134e 45168a 0ec7f5 7f18a2 d5432b 58b846 85a8fd 28c6f9 b6ac01 4ff713 f9e027 48253e d23405 c8b31e 6a8962 96e11a dc67c2 da8f89 d34536 d4952d e88f0d 0fd833 4eaa67 53731b 72dda4 d47486 ee50ed b12a7c 3afec2 71d257

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