Spacefem's Digital Scrapbook Paper Pack Generator

This simple tool lets you apply any color you want to our collection of public domain patterns that make great scrapbook paper. I know this isn't the only one of these things on the web, but it's the simplest! I just couldn't believe how hard it was one day to find a simple chevron pattern and figured the world could use something like this.

Enter a hexadecimal HTML color in the box below. If you don't know what that is, you can use a color picker like the one at
The resulting page will generate a whole bunch of 300 pixel seamless tileable images in all kinds of handy patterns... stripes, swirls, paper textures, and of COURSE chevrons :) All images are released into the public domain. I made some of them, others are from openclipart, the important thing is that you can do whatever you want!

Can't think of a color? Try one of these:

faa48c 2200ac 8d18d4 9f9178 36c277 dbbb6b 259392 9dd4d3 69570b 4fa035 159ad9 a2bdd9 4f4af2 23ea84 9c2147 14fc02 7f2196 12bf6a e528c2 f07862 268dfd 0030ba da7f05 cca3ef 513f10 99530d 9bd22f 32e5ee 9dca17 60bb8f c3e21d c0e24d 7abccc 7f8970 6fdaaf 807303 8d0fd6 bc42bb abe086 c24042 520324 6fc306 bc3ec3 89be4c f92e27 a9ae9b ad3caa 84f9ed 3fa4cd c6670d 08b911 2d28d5 34e513 f76fd2 446900 6b12af 06c0eb b144e5 9f848a 6c4af1 7a52aa 8b7fd3 60b3b9 74ab28 46ef91 475ba4 f66264 e213a9 c8b22d 521f77 4399c9 ee2549 c285fd 7bf9a8 a33f98 3587f3 d97d55 3e6069 e7281c 147a3c 8cbed5 56acfa 9f6f80 9dea79 468eb9 dfc340 d39dbe 29dc1e 92c347 afd8c1 ec6580 c2bb2d bd5b9c 3df886 b73f15 701ed9 b1f177 6f1a53 8ead17 d55def 974954

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