Spacefem's Digital Scrapbook Paper Pack Generator

This simple tool lets you apply any color you want to our collection of public domain patterns that make great scrapbook paper. I know this isn't the only one of these things on the web, but it's the simplest! I just couldn't believe how hard it was one day to find a simple chevron pattern and figured the world could use something like this.

Enter a hexadecimal HTML color in the box below. If you don't know what that is, you can use a color picker like the one at
The resulting page will generate a whole bunch of 300 pixel seamless tileable images in all kinds of handy patterns... stripes, swirls, paper textures, and of COURSE chevrons :) All images are released into the public domain. I made some of them, others are from openclipart, the important thing is that you can do whatever you want!

Can't think of a color? Try one of these:

c68674 a62085 97007c 1ccb2e 4f5289 b6672b 0385b1 cf24cc bc5bf0 b638fb 0cfe82 80a4a3 053ca3 82586f b1a8c1 3a5e29 6562ae 1732d2 e4ee2d d4a566 d0b164 523109 f53745 98b99e 076a46 c9a5a5 f20b08 a1233a 730729 a1dbcf 07ab80 6cfeb1 75f3e9 bb8ca2 5a940d a15db2 4650bd 4ff1e0 8a65e8 b307c3 820f6f 037c6e b5f261 9eadee 410782 4ea8e0 01ef31 be3e23 9fc889 877c90 4bffa0 bb021c 29b70e 8b56bb 7997c3 fce56c dde65c 0fa59a 324563 bbcde0 4c19df ecd4e2 08fe9a 1689f1 d20388 96006e 03de55 5fedfb f91f40 5dda0e 3d2727 1d13fc 001bfa 9b3284 8c0588 159c89 839f67 d9fe54 d4f874 15554f 239376 4bb189 47b1a5 424cd8 c7d9de 4fee7a d97119 404a18 951f10 093466 5858fa cfa3ab 58eb5d fe2eaa d6f583 b44571 2e1ee3 485f2e 61f44d 71fd82 d856db

Link to the generator

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