PHP Date Formatting

This is another one of those things I made because I need it all the time and can never find it. We use unix/perl/PHP date formats for all sorts of fun stuff (my forum is one of those places), and this page wll show you how to format those numbers. For a more detailed explination, look here.
F jS, Y, g:i aJuly 24th, 2016, 10:18 pmBasic date and time
m.d.y07.24.16Simple with leading zeros
l, F jS G:i:sSunday, July 24th 22:18:13Day, date, and 24-hour (military) time
D M jSun Jul 24Short versions of day and month
n/j g:i A7/24 10:18 PMDate without leading zeros and AM/PM in uppercase
Y: \D\a\y #z2016: Day #205Day of the year (0-365)

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