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Chat, short form of "chatter", is a mindless form of communications. Here on it is also an exciting way spend hours and hours saying nothing on-line to other members in an IRC channel.

Chat Days

You can stop in and say hello any day you'd like, but every 12 days we have a "chat day" where more folks make a special effort to be around. Upcoming chat days:

  • Saturday July 29th, 2017
  • Thursday August 10th, 2017
  • Tuesday August 22nd, 2017

Where we are at

The nicest way to chat is with an IRC client. An IRC client is a program you download to your computer or phone that connects you to the exciting world of IRC. There are so many, and they change so often, we're not even going to bother recommending our favorites. Once you have your client, point it to:

  • type "/join #spacefem"


This changes a lot, but right now the most reliable way to chat with your web browser is to visit and click "Chat Now" on the left:

Enter #spacefem for the channel.