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Which is the best cycle?

So wait, isn't a quadcycle a four-wheeled vehicle driven by human power?

Wouldn't that be two bicycles tied together? Whereas a septcycle would be two bicycles tied to a tricycle center?
by Sonic# in Polls
Tue Jan 22 10:23 PM

Links to Spacefem Elsewhere


Tue Jan 22 3:00 PM

What do you want to learn how to do?

Oh good question.

Well pretty soon Im going to start writing a book. Its a sci fi novel. Posting here and other places makes me realize how long I've been out of school. The other day I had a brain fart while trying to spell lingerie. I'm also aware that my punctuation and grammar needs work.

Abother thing I want to do is learn how to properly write a screenplay. The story is something thats been in my head since I was 12 and has ideas taken from a multitude of franchises thrown together with my own original story. I'm really hoping I finish it one day soon as that would be a life achievement, something I love that hopefully the world would enjoy. I plan on it being a trilogy and the I.P. would definitely be marketable. The hardest part after writing would be pitching to get it made into a movie which is the ultimate goal.
by Skeezy in Random
Tue Jan 22 2:45 PM

learning to read

Does anyone have recommendations for teaching a kid how to read?

It's really important to me that my kid is literate in English, but other than instilling the desire to read and write, I'm at a loss as to how to impart those skills. As I type, kid is working on phonemes in Finnish with my spouse using a well conceived and well made app coming out of the University of Jyväskylä called ekapeli. I started using a version for foreigners last year to help me hear the difference between vowels. I thought it would be really great if I could find something similar in English, but so far no luck. There are unsurprisingly a lot more options for learning to read in English compared to Finnish, but I haven't come across any that seem to have actual language development in mind. I had the idea that PBS would be a good resource, but not available without a U.S. proxy.

by melsbells in Pregnancy & Parenting
Tue Jan 22 1:38 PM

Mnemonic device generator

Type in letters you want to remember, we'll make up a funny sentence to help
Tue Jan 22 3:00 AM

Kevin Hearts forced apology.

You're making it out like people are questioning him for his parenting practices. They aren't. He made a public joke about a marginalized group of people who deal with abnormal amounts of violence against them, and people are reacting to that. They aren't saying take his kids away, they said "Apologize or you'll lose this gig." he refused to apologize, and he lost the gig. Then he apologized (kinda?) but it was too little too late, I'm sure he'll be just fine though.

by Skeezy in Ranting
Mon Jan 21 3:49 PM

10-Second PHP Tutorial

The fastest introduction I could possibly muster.
Mon Jan 21 3:00 PM

Quiz: What kind of engineer should you be?

Engineering is one of the coolest jobs in the world, but there are so many disciplines it can be a little daunting to choose one for yourself! I wasn't happy with the existing quizzes, they were mostly way too direct (do you like bridges or wires? uh...) or way too career-spammy, and they were all way too serious. So with that in mind I took some personality traits and kinda did my best attempt at mapping them to engineering fields. It's not scientific or accurate because it really doesn't matter, engineers do so many things and move around so much there's no way to predict what path you'll end up on... so relax! This point of this test is to combine the fun of a personality quiz with the usefulness of a career test... hey look at that, fun AND useful? It's getting engineer-y already!
Mon Jan 21 3:00 AM

terrible but fun

Usually, I am not interested in things I don't feel competent doing. I'm the youngest of my siblings, so for a long time, there was no chance that I could be better than them at anything, not that I understood that, and not that I wasn't mocked for it. But with sports, my brother would always have me on his team, or give me fair handicaps that didn't make me feel inadequate. Despite him taking things more seriously, he always made it fun. I can't think of anything in another category that I enjoy doing if I'm not any good. by melsbells in Random
Sun Jan 20 2:23 PM

The Skirt Pattern Calculator

I like to sew. This calculator tells you how to make an arc for any skirt you've got the fabric for - just type in your measurements.
Sun Jan 20 3:00 AM

hello :)

Thank you both for the welcome!

I meant run clubs as in leadership- I'm president of a business club and vice president of my school's Girl Up club.

And yes good thing you did!
by hals in New Members
Sat Jan 19 9:42 AM

Quiz: Do you need a boyfriend?

Are you a young single gal wondering if you need a man? Take our quiz.
Sat Jan 19 3:00 AM

Quiz: What Color Are You?

Forget the four-color quizzes, this one displays your personality as one of the hundreds of named HTML colors.
Fri Jan 18 3:00 AM

Art Book: Pros Before Bros

One of the people I've long followed on the Internet is Ariel Meadow Stallings. She has been exploring in new directions and recently released a collaborative work, a limited print art book/sex memoir paired with custom jewelry, Pros Before Bros. One of the coolest things about this project is how she worked with a lot of local woman-owned small-businesses to produce a gorgeous book, the kind of book you want to touch just to have that tactile experience. It's her motivations (which you can read in full in that link but I'll include a couple snippits) for taking on the project that really enamor me to the work and want it to be a success.

by melsbells in Mixed Media
Thu Jan 17 9:51 PM

The Baby Due Date Statistics Survey

I wondered if due dates were accurate. 5,000+ internet friends chimed in. See the charts here.
Thu Jan 17 3:00 AM

Pregnancy Calendar

For geeky moms like me who need to remember not just what week they're on, but their percent completion.
Wed Jan 16 3:00 AM

MMA Transgenders and feminism

I see the articles and there is mention of testosterone levels etc. There is not much about adrenaline, it mostly talks about muscle structure and size.

Everything you need to win a fight comes from inside. The more you fight the better it makes you for

future fights. It also helps hone your style and decisiins while adrenaline kicks into your system.

The cis mma women are basically saying they've never fought an opponent this strong before. These women have fought the best of the best and trained with the best . One transgender woman fighter is overpowering them flat out in direct physicality. Its saying the trangender fighter is stronger than all of the other women in the mma and the cis women are not strong enough when directly put against these fighters but can usually break another cis womans same hold.

by Skeezy in Feminism
Mon Jan 14 9:29 PM

Sleep for babies after 6 months

Thank you for the stories. I try not to get caught up in comparisons, but it's so hard when someone else is like, "Oh yeah, they're sleeping through the night after six months, no problem!" and we're nudging each other when it's our turn to get up at night almost every night. Did I do something wrong? (The answer is probably no, but a lack of sleep makes it harder to get there mentally.)

I topped baby off tonight. He straight up drank 7 ounces of formula after his prunes. If he's an infiltrator, he's eating well for it. :)
by Sonic# in Pregnancy & Parenting
Thu Jan 10 1:30 AM

kids' mail subscriptions

We got the first box last week. Kid wanted to do the whole thing in one sitting, which was tough. He has a hard time stopping something, even when it's obvious he needs a break. He doesn't have the best conception of time yet either and kept talking about the box that would come tomorrow. So getting something once a month might help pin down the passage of time. As far as my concerns, we had a great opportunity (when he was disappointed that the Europe page didn't say anything about Finland) to talk about how a single page on a whole continent or even an individual country can't tell us what a place and culture is like. Bavaria was mentioned, so we also got to talk about how our German friend feels when people only think of Bavarian things when thinking of Germany, which she doesn't feel a connection to. by melsbells in Pregnancy & Parenting
Wed Jan 9 6:41 PM