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what are you reading?

You guys go read Trail of Lightning by Rebecca Roanhorse

Also I read The Lost Books by Sarah Prineas (middle grade book but fun)

Read the 2nd book in the Sea of Trolls series by Nancy Farmer and

Green Wild (2nd book in the Citadel of the Sky series) by Chrysoula Tzavelas please people go read this so she can write more of it. Her other series Senyaza is 0.99 for all of them on kindle right now.

by rowan in Mixed Media
Sat Jul 21 2:23 PM

Happy birthday rowan!

haha :) it's ok I was in England and enjoyed the ocean (cold like lake superior) on my birthday and there were a billion snails but I didn't see anything to eat them? like ... starfish or whatever? what. by rowan in Random
Sat Jul 21 2:06 PM

Do you buy bottled water?

Nah. I guess I could see myself doing that if I genuinely thought water wasn't safe when travelling but I don't do much of that. Buying water seems outrageous to me in the region of the country I am in where there isn't a dearth or anything. by dorkorama in Random
Fri Jul 20 11:58 PM

What's your least favorite fruit?

Yes, definitely grapefruit. I've tried it in fruit salads, with sugar, even with salt. Nothing makes it taste good to me.

Fun fact: I didn't pick grapefruit because I blocked it from my memory.
by dorkorama in Random
Fri Jul 20 11:57 PM

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Fri Jul 20 3:00 PM

Quiz: What Color Are You?

Forget the four-color quizzes, this one displays your personality as one of the hundreds of named HTML colors.
Fri Jul 20 3:00 AM

The Baby Due Date Statistics Survey

I wondered if due dates were accurate. 5,000+ internet friends chimed in. See the charts here.
Thu Jul 19 3:00 AM

Compromise between Conservatives/TERFeminism and Transfeminism.

I agree that our culture as a whole needs to be exposed to more non-sexualized nudity. If naked bodies were more commonplace I think we'd see a lot fewer people who are self-conscious or have self image problems. I do also agree that there ought to be an option for privacy.

I don't know about anyone else's experience but I've never "walked around naked" in a locker room; I go in there, wash up, change my clothes and leave. I don't wander around wagging my genitalia at people, I don't expect anyone else would under a normal circumstance. It's also common courtesy not to watch people while they are changing, yes? I've never taken an opportunity to see someone I was attracted to naked in the locker room. That's obviously all anecdotal but I think most people are able to follow social mores.
by Rainbow Dolphins in Feminism
Thu Jul 19 1:21 AM

housemates + newborn = ?


I admit I haven’t been around here a ton lately but I didn’t know babySonic had arrived! Congrats!!!!

Alas I don’t have any actual advice. My college besties (a married couple) and I fantasize about sharing a house, and they are actively trying to have kids, so we talked about that possibility a little bit, but right now we live in different cities and they don’t have a kid yet so it’s all speculation. But I think it could probably work - as the prospective non-parent I would want to make sure I had my own kid-free space in the house and we were really clear about responsibilities ahead of time, eg, I’m a roommate not an all-purpose babysitter, how will this affect the split of other housework, etc.
by octarineoboe in Pregnancy & Parenting
Wed Jul 18 6:31 PM

Pregnancy Calendar

For geeky moms like me who need to remember not just what week they're on, but their percent completion.
Wed Jul 18 3:00 AM

Links to Spacefem Elsewhere


Tue Jul 17 3:00 PM

Mnemonic device generator

Type in letters you want to remember, we'll make up a funny sentence to help
Tue Jul 17 3:00 AM

10-Second PHP Tutorial

The fastest introduction I could possibly muster.
Mon Jul 16 3:00 PM

Quiz: What kind of engineer should you be?

Engineering is one of the coolest jobs in the world, but there are so many disciplines it can be a little daunting to choose one for yourself! I wasn't happy with the existing quizzes, they were mostly way too direct (do you like bridges or wires? uh...) or way too career-spammy, and they were all way too serious. So with that in mind I took some personality traits and kinda did my best attempt at mapping them to engineering fields. It's not scientific or accurate because it really doesn't matter, engineers do so many things and move around so much there's no way to predict what path you'll end up on... so relax! This point of this test is to combine the fun of a personality quiz with the usefulness of a career test... hey look at that, fun AND useful? It's getting engineer-y already!
Mon Jul 16 3:00 AM

The Skirt Pattern Calculator

I like to sew. This calculator tells you how to make an arc for any skirt you've got the fabric for - just type in your measurements.
Sun Jul 15 3:00 AM

do you enjoy marimba?

MFS, you have super cool kids. Marimba was my favorite melodic percussion instrument to play, except maybe the chimes parts in any Mahler piece. It felt so good that I didn't even mind resting through all those time changes with a director that didn't cue. by melsbells in Random
Sat Jul 14 8:15 PM

Quiz: Do you need a boyfriend?

Are you a young single gal wondering if you need a man? Take our quiz.
Sat Jul 14 3:00 AM

do you have balls?

I've got all kinds of balls

Stress balls, tennis balls, ball bearings, basketballs, baseballs, ball point pens, foot balls, soccer balls, medicine balls, balls balls, big balls, little balls, extra medium balls.
by Skeezy in Random
Thu Jul 12 1:08 PM

Happy 2nd spacefemmiversary Taurwen!

Oof, I missed this!

Two years already.

Unfortunately the back and forth between hot & muggy, and chilled, dry, air conditioning has sent my whole family into a terrible health spiral. There's like no worse time to have a cold than the middle of summer. It just sucks all around.
by Taurwen in Random
Wed Jul 11 6:01 PM

How White People Handled Diversity Training in the Workplace

Interesting article.

I love when white people attempt to teach other about racism and point hout how difficult it is even coming from another white person. Its one reason I bring up Jane Elliot so much.

It also reminds of telling my co workers about a very black film. I shared a link to the film with many of them. Its called "Hidden Colors." It came out in the early to mid 2000's and focuses on black history. Not the history taught in school but history that was purposely hidden by racist America. After watching it and taking in its historical points I felt very empowered but much more frustrated.

by Skeezy in Careers & Education
Mon Jul 9 4:35 PM

What is male privilege?

Everytime I see this thread I'm just bummed my vagina and brain can't team up to be a super haploid DNA saving machine :(

As for the actual topic, I agree that there's an issue with domestic violence. I'm not convinced it's as widespread as you imply. And sometimes I think it's less that women are evil and more that assholes who are women are taking any advantage they can get. I don't think advantage and privilege are necessarily the same thing though, just that obviously if there's a fight people's inclination is to blame the larger parcipitant. I think I've mentioned before that in cases where domestic abuse was witness in my experience it's always women who have intervened with the police to say it was the woman who was perpetrating the abuse.

by Skeezy in Feminism
Thu Jul 5 12:55 AM

What's your favorite family holiday tradition?

I profoundly miss lighting off fireworks on the Fourth of July. We did that every year growing up and every year I've been able to visit. If I wasn't continuously lighting off bottle rockets, roman candles, and other armaments from 6 PM to when we ran out, it wasn't the Fourth.

However, for the past few years I've been unable to visit. Something always comes up. This year, we decided not to travel so far with a 6-week old. We've mostly been going to my closer in-laws instead. I love them, they have a better beer selection, but they don't do fireworks. They don't get fireworks - for them, a pack of bottle rockets is enough. For me, that's an appetizer.

by Sonic# in Random
Tue Jul 3 8:07 PM

How much space do you need to store clothes?

Half a closet and some drawers. I need to get some new pants and shirts and throw some older ones out. Even after my last closet purge, I have a few items of clothing from high school that are of their decade and don't fit my personal style anymore.

Side note: I wish I could make zippable short/pants appropriate at work.
by Sonic# in Random
Tue Jul 3 8:01 PM

what's the last movie you saw?

I saw The Disaster Artist. It's the story of the bad film The Disaster Room. For the most part I found it cringeworthy; James Franco's portrayal of the mysterious Tommy Wiseau and Dave Franco's naivety as Greg Sestero were fascinating for the first twenty minutes. After that, the rest of the film was predictable. I kept comparing it mentally to Ed Wood, another film of a horrible filmmaker with pluck. I think I like that film better because I fundamentally like Ed as a person, whereas Tommy is too mysterious, too jealous of Greg, or too arrogant to ever win me over. by Sonic# in Mixed Media
Tue Jul 3 8:00 PM