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Women in history and an examination of gender norms:

I think, regarding not replying, that it is hard to figure out how to interject in a series of informative pieces. Like, you're collecting examples of women in different pursuits. That's great. I haven't known quite how to respond beyond, "That's great." I don't have firm criticisms beyond what I said last time; many of the women named have been interesting but not on a level I felt qualified to respond.

Also, I've had far less time. I hit the ground running at work, and I come home to be Dad. When my son goes to bed, my partner and I hang out for a while, I play a few games, and I read. I am usually up once a night with my son. Writing posts takes more energy than I've been willing to allot lately. Just know I'm still reading, usually.

by Sonic# in Feminism
Sun Aug 25 4:39 PM

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Sat Aug 24 3:00 PM

Quiz: Do you need a boyfriend?

Are you a young single gal wondering if you need a man? Take our quiz.
Sat Aug 24 3:00 AM

Female Artists and the nude:

Jade Beall is an artistic photographer based in Tucson, AZ. In her website she is described as “specializing in truthful images of women to inspire feeling irreplaceably beautiful as a counter-balance to the airbrushed photoshopped imagery that dominates main stream media.” See here:

The following link goes to a TED talk, by the artist where she discusses her book “The Bodies of Mothers” (18 minutes). Shown on the screen on the stage are pictures primarily of nude or partly nude women, many of whom have recently given birth and a number along with babies or children. There are a few photographs of nude men. See here:

by Endymion in Feminism
Fri Aug 23 9:20 PM

Quiz: What Color Are You?

Forget the four-color quizzes, this one displays your personality as one of the hundreds of named HTML colors.
Fri Aug 23 3:00 AM

Female Singers:

When watching the last video from Citizen Queen, the one about Christmas (see above), I started thinking about Hanukkah songs and other songs of holidays in the Jewish tradition. Here are two Hanukkah songs, sung by singer/songwriter Michelle Citrin.

The first is "Pass the Candle" (2 minutes):

Next is "Hanukkah Lovin'" (3 1/2 minutes):

by Endymion in Mixed Media
Thu Aug 22 3:21 PM

The Baby Due Date Statistics Survey

I wondered if due dates were accurate. 5,000+ internet friends chimed in. See the charts here.
Thu Aug 22 3:00 AM

Pregnancy Calendar

For geeky moms like me who need to remember not just what week they're on, but their percent completion.
Wed Aug 21 3:00 AM

Links to Spacefem Elsewhere


Tue Aug 20 3:00 PM

Mnemonic device generator

Type in letters you want to remember, we'll make up a funny sentence to help
Tue Aug 20 3:00 AM

10-Second PHP Tutorial

The fastest introduction I could possibly muster.
Mon Aug 19 3:00 PM

Quiz: What kind of engineer should you be?

Engineering is one of the coolest jobs in the world, but there are so many disciplines it can be a little daunting to choose one for yourself! I wasn't happy with the existing quizzes, they were mostly way too direct (do you like bridges or wires? uh...) or way too career-spammy, and they were all way too serious. So with that in mind I took some personality traits and kinda did my best attempt at mapping them to engineering fields. It's not scientific or accurate because it really doesn't matter, engineers do so many things and move around so much there's no way to predict what path you'll end up on... so relax! This point of this test is to combine the fun of a personality quiz with the usefulness of a career test... hey look at that, fun AND useful? It's getting engineer-y already!
Mon Aug 19 3:00 AM

The Skirt Pattern Calculator

I like to sew. This calculator tells you how to make an arc for any skirt you've got the fabric for - just type in your measurements.
Sun Aug 18 3:00 AM