Adopt a Useless Blob!

What's great about a useless blob? Lots of things! He's cute, he's useless, he's blob-like, what more could you want? The blob, created just for by our happy friend CriScO, is clearly a state of the art web accessory, perfect for your webpage, journal, or recycle bin.

Blob Preview

You can paste this code on any webpage, or...
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The Blob Store!

We have hats, mugs, stickers, t-shirts, and all kinds of stuff in the Useless Blob Store.

Useless Blob T-shirts, mugs and gifts

Other Stuff:

To adopt a blob, you need a place to put it like a web page, web journal, neopets store, or something like that. They can't go in e-mail signatures because not every e-mail supports HTML code.

If you're putting the blob on a webpage where it will be around for a while, please upload it to your own server. The filenames change regularly anyway, so soon it'll be broken if you don't do this. If you want to link to the images on my servers to put it in your journal, forum, or another setting where it won't be seen 48 hours from now, that's fine.

Please don't adopt more than one blob, unless you have your own server you can upload them to. If you're not sure what I mean by "your own server", you probably don't have one.

Wherever the blobs are, they must link back to this page. Anyone who clicks on a blob must end up here. No, it's not enough to put a "thanks spacefem for letting me steal your blobs!" on the bottom of the page. Blobs have to link here, otherwise what's the point? This isn't a problem because most people just copy the code, but people who edit it to remove my link are just mean.

You may not offer your own blob codes. People can only adopt blobs from here.

You must have javascript enabled to get the blob code.