Spacefem's Death Scenes Welcome to the stick death section! I really don't update this page anymore, I sort of lost interest in making stupid animations a few years ago, but I keep it up because it's got fans. But just because I'm not updating doesn't mean you can steal my stuff; please ask before you copy.

Cliff Man
Crunchy Man
Hungry Man
Thrill of Victory Man
Arrow Power Man
Late Night Study Man
Man At The Shore
Flesh-Eating Bacteria Man
Man Who Can't Get Ahead
Earthquake Man
X-Wing Man
Robotics Man
Dairy Death I
Dairy Death II
The Fuzzy Bunny
Shower Scene
The Lazer
The Crossing
The Show Off
Bad Food
Laundry Death
Unhappily Ever After
The Letter Death
The Bad Digger
Pickle J
Kite Man
Cliff Man II
Bloomin' Man
The Birthday
Lunch Time

One more note: I keep getting e-mail from people asking if they can put stick deaths on their pages, kinda like useless blobs. I can't let you do that right now though; I just don't have the bandwidth. If someone will agree to host the deaths for me, I'm totally open to the idea!

If you want to use your own bandwidth though, you can right-click on the image, save it to your own hard drive, upload it to your own server, and link the image to this site. The rules: you must link them back to me, you may not edit the animation in any way, shape, or form, and you may not use more than five animations on your home page, even if they're on separate pages. Okay? If you have more questions, you can e-mail me.