Spacefem's Etsy Tag Analyzer

I have an Etsy shop and made this tool to help me figure out what's popular and what's not. I was wondering what kinds of items in my shop were getting views and hearts. Like, if I only listed two keychains and they both got lots of favorites, and I listed 17 zipper pouches and only a few of them got favorites, I wanted to know that so I could keep posting keychains! This uses public data, so you don't have to be logged into Etsy (or even own the shop) to use it.

Enter shop name:

Pull from the ___ most recent listings:
(up to 250, can be more than what you have in your shop)

Analyze the ___ most used tags:
(up to 500, but that can get hard to read so I'd suggest 25-100)

About the data

This tool analyzes your most used shop tags and gives you a simple table about them: I'm planning a similar version that includes sold or expired items. Right now this only uses active listings, since that data is available publicly.

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