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by Meichan04
Tue Jan 14, 0:33 2003
Forum: Random
Topic: I gots me a problem
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Ok here's the deal: go with the first part of the rock-throwing suggestion. Blunt force seems to work except in a few rare cases. But again, it's rare. Except for this one kid last year in driver's ed...... ugg..... it didn't help that the instructor kept saying, "Oh, you know, opposites attract, yo...
by Meichan04
Tue Jan 14, 0:17 2003
Forum: Random
Topic: Feminism and Sex
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Actually I've been wanting to read the Kama Sutra ever since I learned what it was. Which was, coincidentally, when I was reading a Gundam Wing fanfic. Yeah, long story, anyhoo.... I never thought of measuring my vagina but I don't think I really want to... I mean... how would you? I don't think I n...
by Meichan04
Wed Jan 8, 23:40 2003
Forum: Polls
Topic: Are you 1337?
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Well according to my best friend and confidante Ben I am VERY l337 BUT I think he is a little biased in that area. Being best friends with a person can skew their opinion of you and dim your faults. It's rather flattering, actually. It just like to type r0x0r your b0x0rs or however it's spelled, bec...