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by Alice98
Sat Jul 29, 11:29 2017
Forum: Feminism
Topic: Rape culture doesn't exist
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Re: Rape culture doesn't exist

The person who wrote this post doesn't even present data to support their claim, then tells everyone else to get the facts. Surly the burden of proof is on you if you are coming onto this forum just to debate it. Do you have any data for you're claims? I would like to see some sources with links too.
by Alice98
Fri Jul 28, 16:21 2017
Forum: New Members
Topic: Hey everyone
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Hey everyone

hey everyone, I'm new here and new to feminism. I dont really know what to say haha I hope i learn a lot from this forum. If anyone knows any good books related to feminism please recommend them to me. :) I guess i should say a little about myself without getting too personal. Im an 18 year old whit...