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by sufiMYSTIC
Fri Aug 11, 21:29 2017
Forum: Random
Topic: Most users online at once.....
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Most users online at once.....

What was so special on August 6, 2016?????
by sufiMYSTIC
Fri Aug 11, 21:25 2017
Forum: Polls
Topic: What's your type?
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Re: What's your type?

Haha. Persian startrek daschound, with some garlic.
by sufiMYSTIC
Fri Aug 11, 21:22 2017
Forum: Pregnancy & Parenting
Topic: Clock-Ticking
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Well, I see a lot of locked posts. But I'll say as an old member, and a new member, it feels good to start a post. Especially about this topic. See, I'm a late bloomer in life. And, about less than a year ago, at 35 my clock started ticking LOUDLY, coincidentally at the same time as my wife's, even ...
by sufiMYSTIC
Fri Aug 11, 20:59 2017
Forum: Ranting
Topic: Shitty Air Quality
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Re: Shitty Air Quality

I'm so sorry! I currently live in LA, and I wondered why a couple/few days ago I started feeling sick. And I didn't think it was because I was going from cold AC to HOT house everyday, like normal. I've been a little raspy. Eucalyptus essential oil could possibly help everyone to breathe as well. I ...
by sufiMYSTIC
Fri Aug 11, 20:52 2017
Forum: New Members
Topic: New again. :)
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New again. :)

Hello, I updated my profile. However, I think it may take overnight to fully update. I love spontenaity. And, not perfect grammar. If you don't see answers to every question by tomorrow, let me know, and I'll update it. :) I had answers!!!!!!!! :carrot: carrot. I used to be a member since like 2011,...