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by French_Fly
Thu Feb 6, 3:27 2003
Forum: Polls
Topic: Who is(was) your imaginary friend?
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My imaginary friend was a squirrel, he wore a funny hat and was named Lipstick, he was such a whore.
by French_Fly
Thu Feb 6, 3:08 2003
Forum: Polls
Topic: Pirates scare me
Replies: 37
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Once I had an eyepatch. I liked it. I named it Winky.
by French_Fly
Thu Feb 6, 2:59 2003
Forum: Polls
Topic: Insanity test
Replies: 45
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I picked orange too, now I feel special! -and orange. -and cold. brrrr. (stupid crappy heaters, hate them.)
by French_Fly
Tue Feb 4, 18:21 2003
Forum: Random
Topic: SPACEFEM.COM Dork's Choice Award - BEST LEFT FOOT
Replies: 47
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Hee! Spacefoot.
:foot: :alien: <--(in my mind thats a spacefoot,)
by French_Fly
Tue Feb 4, 17:47 2003
Forum: Polls
Topic: What color are your eyes
Replies: 23
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My eyes are green, yay green! whoo! lets do the dance of greeness! greeny green green! ...medication? why yes thank you.