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by _blank_
Sun Mar 2, 23:09 2003
Forum: Ranting
Topic: i hate my life and want to die.
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i hate my life and want to die.

this is me whining about my life.

my boyfriend and i broke up today. for god knows how long.

i have no fucking clue what we're doing in physics.

i have no fucking clue what to write my research papers on.

and i'm tired.

thank you i'm finished now. excuse the profanity of this post.
by _blank_
Sun Feb 16, 2:06 2003
Forum: New Members
Topic: Newbie Of The Week - February 3-9
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i picked me, cause i wanted to be conceited for once. :P.
by _blank_
Sun Feb 16, 1:21 2003
Forum: Polls
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sorry, i just felt like that needed to be said.
by _blank_
Sun Feb 9, 13:46 2003
Forum: Random
Topic: do you keep a journal?
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Re: do you keep a journal?

medical research has shown that people who journal are less likely to suffer from high blood pressure, and have better sleep patterns. hmm...i'm not entirely sure that this is true. sometimes my journals (i have 2) keep me up later than i'd stay up usually. if you ever read them, you would first no...
by _blank_
Sun Feb 9, 3:44 2003
Forum: Polls
Topic: Favrit groups
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*runs to go look up "favrit" in the dictionary* aha! it is as i feared. this question is rendered incomprehensible due to the inclusion of a nonexistant word. in other news, i like pink floyd. but i think i like the smashing pumpkins better. or my brother's old band....they were fun. *runs back to ...
by _blank_
Sat Feb 8, 22:09 2003
Forum: Polls
Topic: Would You Streak?
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hell, i'd do it for 50 bucks. but if you're gonna offer a million, i'll take that too. :monkey: