so much for best friends, eh?

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so much for best friends, eh?

Post by sKaTe-BoReD-cHiCkLeT » Mon Feb 6, 17:36 2006

I am so freaking tired of lame highschool drama shit. I had this friend who was supposedly my best friend, but then she decided that she'd believe highschool rumors and not me. I HATE RUMORS! So many have been spread about me, and I haven't cared, until now.
She hasn't talked to me in 5 months. HOW STUPID IS THAT?!?!?! I was there for her when she went out, got drunk, crashed a car and slept with this man-whore. I was there for her when she was puking her fucking guts out, holding the waste basket. I was there for her when she found out that her boyfriend was an evil perv (like i told her so many times) and didn't say "I told you so :P "
Then my friend *jay asks me to keep a secret, so I do. That's the nice thing to do, right? But I guess *jay made it sound like I was keeping crap from her, when I wasn't, and now she hates my guts. I HATE HIGHSCHOOL DRAMA. I just want to go to school, get my education, make a few good friends, and get on with life. But I can't go to lunch without looking around and seeing an intire table looking at me and whispering. I can't walk down the hall without hearing my name and "lesbo slut!!!!" muttered behind me. I have lost so many friends because they've decided that all the evil people in highschool are smarter and more trustworthy then friends they've had for years.
I hate moving. I hate highschool drama. I hate hate hate rumors. GRAWRG.

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Post by CatchPhrase » Mon Feb 6, 18:45 2006

Aww, man. I know exactly what you're talking about. (Well, maybe not exactly, but I get what you're saying.) And the stupidest part is, the rumors end up being so rediculous, you would have to be an utter moron to even consider believing them.

In my freshman year of highschool, I had an english teacher that told me "These are the years when you find out who your real friends are." Too bad it has to be true.

I'm sorry school has to suck for you. I really don't have any advice that I could give you to help you out with this, short of publicly humiliating the person who started the rumors. (That's what I did.)

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Post by Kirby » Mon Feb 6, 22:27 2006

Three letters. KKF.

Seriously, tell her to fuck herself. If she believe's stupid rumours that random people have said, she's not your friend. If she was your friend, she would have believed you when you told her that it was a lie.


She sounds like a bitch.
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Post by one_fine_day23 » Tue Feb 7, 8:45 2006

High School Drama sucks like none other. I'm currently going through the same feelings that you are. My friend told me at the beginning of the year that she wasnted help in getting this guy to notice her. I helped her and just about a week or so ago she yells at me and tells me that I need to get off her back about it because she is sick of everyone asking her about it.

I just don't get it sometimes.

*hugs you* If she can't see how good of friend you are tell her to fuck off and move on with your life. You don't need friends like that.
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