I voted for Trump in my state's primaries

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Re: I voted for Trump in my state's primaries

Post by Enigma » Fri Jun 17, 15:47 2016

Nech wrote:To be fair, Canada had a two party majority for a loooong time until people got fed up and voted for the 3rd option en masse a few years back. Now it's always a 3 way race.
Don't forget though that the NDP always had a solid 5-15% of the vote since the 50s before the orange wave though. And they had a well respected, charismatic leader who was well known.
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Re: I voted for Trump in my state's primaries

Post by Pikachu » Sat Jun 18, 19:49 2016

I'm not American, but if I was, there's no way I'd vote for another Clinton. Or a Bush. America isn't supposed to be a dynasty where a few powerful families rotate their members into the oval office. It may not be technically unconstitutional, but it stinks to high heaven if you ask me.

As for Trump, he will move to political center during the actual election,there's no way he's going to try to remain a punchline during a presidency.

As for Bernie Sanders, with his sweden style feminism, one wonders what policies he could put in place with the conservatives opposing him. I imagine he would make American politics even more partisan than it already is.

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Re: I voted for Trump in my state's primaries

Post by melsbells » Tue Jun 21, 16:37 2016

octarineoboe wrote:I really disagree with protest voting. As I said above, elections have consequences, and in our two-party system the most likely consequence of a vote for a third party is that it draws votes away from the major party candidate who is most similar to the third party candidate. That's a convoluted sentence but to put it in terms of the 2016 presidential election, if you (the generic you) generally lean Democratic and plan to vote for, say, Jill Stein, I want you to at least acknowledge that you're making it more likely Trump will win, and I am very interested to hear your reasons why that is an acceptable outcome to you.
I wasn't trying to recommend protest votes, when I recommended voting for the person one actually supports. By all means compromise toward a major party candidate if their policies are close to what you support. For me, especially when I look at international affairs (and I can no longer deny that the U.S. has real power internationally, much of that vested in the head of state), I can't support a major party candidate in the upcoming presidential election.


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Re: I voted for Trump in my state's primaries

Post by Amuro » Sun Jun 26, 11:47 2016

Dude I don't give a f*ck who you voted for. I'm an independent so I can't vote in primaries in my home state. I also don't live in America anymore anyway. Just vote for whoever you want. I will probably vote for hilary in November even though I think the Clinton s are step above the Bush family.

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Re: I voted for Trump in my state's primaries

Post by geldofc » Wed Jul 13, 2:34 2016

honestly I think that's messed up
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Re: I voted for Trump in my state's primaries

Post by Aum » Wed Jul 13, 21:01 2016

Trump is a total self-serving narcissist. He has the most inconsistent platform of any Presidential candidate in memory, and no matter how much people call him on it, he still has a huge base of support. He flip flops. We know this because within the past 10 years he was an adamant supporter of the Democrats and one of their campaign funders... so much so that some people believe he's just a plant for the Republican party so that the Dems get in. But people were stupid enough to vote for him, so he has become the real deal. He's turning coat because he sees a vulnerable voting base that can be easily manipulated with emotional appeals.

He has proven beyond doubt that if you're wealthy and have some notoriety, then you have a shot at being President, no matter how unqualified you are. It's scary. IMO Trump is taking advantage of a powder keg that was already about to go off. The right wing in the U.S. are a really big problem right now, from the outside looking in. If you study the history of the rise of fascism and all the warning signs, the U.S. has every single one right now. Actually, the right wing are a problem in the western world in general these days, but the U.S. is the epicentre. Hawkish foreign policies developed by neo-liberals who literally want world dominance have led to this situation, to such scarcity that the People are dividing and seeing one another as enemies. It's dangerous.

If you voted for Trump because you think it will accelerate the inevitable crash of America, you're out to lunch. That crash won't be precipitated by Trump, it'll be done by the financial institutions and the world market. What Trump will do is create self-serving domestic policies that just make like insufferable, but not to any meaningful tipping point that the system has a revolution. So really you just shot yourself in the foot. It's funny because white people think voting for Trump will make their lives better, just like the Brexit folks thought that voting "leave" would save them -- but you're wrong.

As for Hilary... she's just part of the same Clinton / Rockafeller dynasty that has been inflicted upon America for decades, through politics and big money. And she's a bald faced liar on top of it. Not that Trump isn't, but his lies aren't perjury. I guess she is the lesser of two evils in some ways, at least she has government experience; but she is so status quo and will tow the line for all the forces that have stagnated and corrupted America, like the big corporations and the banks, who she voted to bail out in 2008 and beyond.

Really what this election cycle is showing us is that either America won't change at all (status quo) or it'll get worse. That's pretty much it. So everyone around the world who's watching is getting ready to settle into another 8 years of BS.

Bernie was really your only hope. He had no understanding of economics but at least he had a moral compass, and it's morality that U.S. politics is totally lacking right now. Seeing him bow out and support Hilary was really saddening to watch as he was the only candidate with integrity. Oh well.

Good luck to you!
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