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Post by Skeezy » Thu Dec 20, 14:40 2018

I dont know what to do, so I do nothing.

I work and try to live a moral life as I know it. I feel there may be another path I'm supposed to take, one that requires full devotion.

I want to bring back the black panthers because they are needed. I believe this may be my true calling. Its not a pretty one and very challenging not so much by what needs to be done but its challenging because I am who I am.

i dont like guns but we would definitely need them. I dont really like people but I would have to engage people constantly everyday. I like making money but to form such a group requires hours of effort, speeches and recruiting.

Ive been torn about this for quite some time. In the mean time I sit idle and sick. Sick of it all, sick of politicians, sick of injustice, sick of lies, sick of those who complain who have it better than most and of course sick of this buffoon we call president. Literally sick of it all.

I hear others who are sick. I dont see any change. Someone must rise up and be willIng to die for change. I keep hoping someone will. No one does. I feel like no one will, if I don't. Who am I? No one of importance yet my knowledge is so important. So many unaware people because a government influence (lies) and brainwashing.

I am religious. What would God want me to do? Would he want me to continue living my life? I know thats not how you get to heaven. To sit and watch injustice and evil and do nothing, that is not the way.

I dont know why I choose here to vent...perhaps an audience, perhaps because the mods let me so far. Guidance? Advice? I dont know.

I just know that someone needs to do skmething drastic like take up arms, make a stand and say, "We are not tolerating the bullshit anymore." Someone needs to put things in check without selfishness or cloudyness just crystal clear direction.

Rebuild the panthers, unite the small scattered chapters and recruit on a national basis, then non violently march on washjngton followed by displays of black men carrying arms. Then displays of all races united carrying arms. Someone needs to speak and remind the governement that its supposed to be for the people and, as long as you keep lyiing and misguiding the people we will be forced to show our disapproval of your leadership.

I am a man, I will not be victimized without defending myself and taking a stand to protect those close to me with my life if need be. I am man, you cannot bludgeon me, enslave me, lie about me, and not expect firm retaliation. I am a man, you cannot force me to into a box of political correctness and buffonery when I am supposed to be free, people have died for me to have freedom I have never forgetten their cause. I am a man, I have my own beliefs and morality, I should not have to conform my beliefs to anyone elses, only be respectful of others beliefs. I am a man, not an ape, not a crackhead, celebrity, your brother or your homeboy; I am a man who will look you in the eye and judge your leadership as men and lay down my life to fight against you, should you continue to fuck over the american people..all of us.

i know I know man this, man that. Its how I feel.

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