READ FIRST! - A Guide For New and Returning Members.

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READ FIRST! - A Guide For New and Returning Members.

Post by GlassBallerina » Sat Dec 6, 22:10 2008

Hey New People, welcome to Spacefem! Here are some quick dos and don’ts of the site.

DO: least scan the FAQ, otherwise known as the Forum Policies. This will most likely be pounded into your head in your "welcome thread", but it really does help a lot if you read it, or at least scan it, so you know you're supposed to act around here.

...feel free to Private Message any of the moderators, especially us extra-helpful "New Members" moderators. Despite what some may say, we do not bite. We've been around for awhile and we know how things work, and will be very willing to straighten out any problems you may have.

…post an introduction thread here, telling us a little about yourself (something other than “hi, I’m new!”). In fact the way the forum is set up, you sort of have to post an introduction, because you're not allowed to post any topic in any other area until you have at least three posts and an intro thread gets you 1/3 of the way there.

…reply to other active topics! surf around the forums, see what interests you, post some replies. We're more likely to greet you warmly and reply to your thread if you've replied to a few of our threads.

If you're wondering what to write, we'd recommend the following:

Your username, nicknames, how to pronounce it:
Occupation/Potential Occupation:
Educational Status:
Notable Hobbies:
Favorite Website/Blog:
Favorite color:
Favorite animal:
Favorite food:
If you are wearing pants, please describe them:
What brought you to spacefem/how'd you find us?
Did you find the FAQ link?

DO NOT: an introduction thread if you are not really new! if you're a returning member, use Happiness or Random Weirdos to let us know what you've been up to.

...carry on personal conversations in a thread. Two people going back and forth make it hard for others to jump in.

...revive dead threads that have been dead about a week, unless you have something very relevant to share.

...use "chatspeak". It really isn't too hard to type out entire words, and it is very likely that you will be taken much more seriously if you type properly.

...troll! Disagreeing is okay, but if everything you post seems like a disagreement, we'll wonder why you wanted to join in the first place.

...put images in your signature. They are distracting and they keep the page from loading quickly.

That said, welcome to Spacefem! we hope you like it here :b1: :b2: :b3: :b4:
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