hey y'all

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kylee !
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hey y'all

Post by kylee ! » Fri Feb 10, 22:45 2017

hey my name is kylee. i'm a feminist. obviously. i want rights for the girls in the third world more than anything. and i want international peace.

anyway, back to the good stuff about my personality and all that hecking stuff

im american and partially native american indian, but white passing. i'm in the glasses-wearing squad.
my favorite musical artists are muse, kimbra, and lorde.

my feminist ideals are quite different, and some think i'm a bitch. but oh well :P if you get offended by something i say drop a message by so we can talk it out :D

anyway bye you stinkies :chainsaw:


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Re: hey y'all

Post by theal » Sat Feb 11, 8:38 2017

Hey Kylee - love to hear you say you're "a bitch"! Same here when it comes to some parts of feminism.
Welcome to the board. If you're interested in feminism for the 3rd World, do you know about "World Pulse", which is a site fighting for women throughout the world. You can post articles on there and read others.
(Sorry - hope I'm not breaking any rules here by mentioning another site - it's not a competing one!)
Thea x

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Re: hey y'all

Post by Sonic# » Sat Feb 11, 14:51 2017

Welcome to the board kylee!

Since you've demonstrated good taste in this area, what's your favorite emoticon?
theal wrote: (Sorry - hope I'm not breaking any rules here by mentioning another site - it's not a competing one!)
Nah, you're doing fine. We all visit other sites and recommend them from time to time. You've participated in other posts, so it's obvious you're not just spamming. :)

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Re: hey y'all

Post by felipefs » Mon Feb 13, 9:31 2017

Hello, Kylee!
kylee ! wrote:i'm in the glasses-wearing squad.
Welcome :)

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Re: hey y'all

Post by Nachos » Fri Feb 17, 9:30 2017

Hi, welcome to the spacefem forums! Muse are amazing. Have you been to any of their concerts?
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