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How to join this forum

Post by spacefem » Wed Dec 20, 11:30 2017

Friends, countrypersons - I am here to announce that I have disabled new user registration. it's not you it's me. phpbb just sucks too much at blocking spam. 90% of our new users were spambots who were stealing other people's emails, it was annoying to both them and us.

We still want new members. If you'd like to join this happy forum send me an email (spacefem at spacefem dot com) or even better a private message to our facebook page ( and I'll set you up an account. I will need your:

username you want
email address
a short sentence about you, how you found us, or why you want to join

BONUS POINTS if you tell me you've already browsed the policies ( ... m_policies)

I'll let about anybody in, you don't have to agree with us on every issue we talk about in here, you just have to be joining to contribute to interesting discussions.

After you join, post an intro thread in here! Tell us:

Your username, nicknames, how to pronounce it:
Occupation/Potential Occupation:
Educational Status:
Notable Hobbies:
Favorite Website/Blog:
Favorite color:
Favorite animal:
Favorite food:
If you are wearing pants, please describe them:
What brought you to spacefem/how'd you find us?
Did you find the FAQ link?

DO NOT: an introduction thread if you are not really new! if you're a returning member, use Random Weirdos (now called Random) to let us know what you've been up to.

...carry on personal conversations in a thread. Two people going back and forth make it hard for others to jump in.

...revive dead threads that have been dead about a week, unless you have something very relevant to share.

...use "chatspeak". It really isn't too hard to type out entire words, and it is very likely that you will be taken much more seriously if you type properly.

...troll! Disagreeing is okay, but if everything you post seems like a disagreement, we'll wonder why you wanted to join in the first place.

...put images in your signature. They are distracting and they keep the page from loading quickly.

thanks and have fun,


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