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Post by Aishahbym » Mon Mar 26, 0:20 2018

Hi everyone! My name is Aishah and I am excited to join this community :)

My username is AishahBYM, which is just my name and then my initials. My name is pronounced "EYE-Shuh"
Right now I am a full time Co-Manager at a retail store called Agaci.
I am currently a college student and am studying Communication Studies.
I really enjoy photography and filming/editing videos. I don't have a lot of time to do it anymore but I really want to get back into it.
Favorite color:
This is going to sound silly, but even though I love any type of pastel color, I always say that my favorite color is yellow because that has been my favorite color since I was in kindergarten and I don't want to break that commitment to that color, haha.
Favorite animal: I am a huuuggeee cat person. I love absolutely everything about them. Don't hate me for this, but I cannot stand dogs, lol.
Favorite food: I am half Malaysian so my favorite foods are all malay dishes like nasi lemak and beef rendang.
If you are wearing pants, please describe them: They are some hot pink sweats that say "Love" on one of the legs.
What brought you to spacefem/how'd you find us?
For one of my classes we are required to either volunteer with a non-profit or to join an online community. I originally really wanted to volunteer somewhere; however, I just got promoted at work and with my current schedule, it is impossible for me right now :( BUT I ended up finding Spacefem and now I am honestly so excited to be a part of it and am definitely going to continue this even after the class is over. :D

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Re: Hello!

Post by rowan » Mon Mar 26, 11:01 2018

Huh what an odd class requirement. Welcome! I love photography too, though I'm pretty amateur about it. Love Malaysian food though, so good.
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Re: Hello!

Post by geldofc » Mon Mar 26, 22:11 2018

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Re: Hello!

Post by Sonic# » Tue Mar 27, 15:31 2018


I like your loyalty to color. If I could pick freely I'd also pick a range: deep verdant greens, blues, and lavenders. But nah, I picked blue so it stuck with me.

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Re: Hello!

Post by metawidget » Sun May 6, 15:10 2018

Hallo! Back in the day I studied Communication Studies at Concordia in Montréal. Now I'm a government statistician but the liberal education, critical thinking and teamwork skills I learned there are still really useful.

I hope the community here makes for a good final essay ;)
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