Howdy y'all

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Howdy y'all

Post by twistycake » Mon May 13, 13:53 2019

I'm so glad to find a cosy little forum like this. I was thinking about trying to start something like this on my own, because I'm so sick of most of the big social media sites. I'm so happy to see an online community like this exists. On to the questions!

Occupation: sex worker/mostly too disabled for work right now.
Educational status: bonafide film-school drop out. Finished a Diploma and almost finished a Bachelor.
Notable hobbies: I like coding and Web 1.0 kind of stuff, and I have a neocities site that's on hiatus at the moment. I just got into doll customising and I'm working on my first little buddy. I also make glitch art and dye my hair a lot.

Favourite website/blog: I spend a lot of time trawling old goth sites from the early 2000s on the Wayback Machine, does that count?
Favourite colour: all the primary colours!
Favourite animal: cats and red pandas. and axlotls. and those weird colourful moths.
Favourite food: probably chocolate cheesecake. Most desserts honestly, but especially chocolate cheesecake.

Pants: plain black leggings that have heaps of holes in them from when I had long, sharp, stiletto acrylic nails.

I found this site through someone on Neocities who had a few quiz things on their site.

Yes, I did find the FAQ link :)

Thanks for adding me! :dance2: :note: :goldstar: :firework:

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Re: Howdy y'all

Post by Enigma » Wed May 15, 20:59 2019

Welcome! ..I have no idea what neocities is? Is it simcity-like?
"Human beings are amazing... we might be horrible, horrible, but we're wonderful too. Otherwise, why go on?"

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Re: Howdy y'all

Post by Sonic# » Thu May 16, 18:35 2019

Welcome to the forum, twistycake!

I also trawl the Wayback Machine sometimes. Are there any exquisite goth websites that you've come across?