A sad, sad poem.

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A sad, sad poem.

Post by Kamali » Fri Jan 2, 15:57 2004

I wish I had a penis,
then I could be more like me.
and the best thing of all,
I could stand up when I pee.


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Post by lizpoona » Fri Jan 2, 17:57 2004

d00d, that's not sad, that's perverted.

Anywho, very clever. ;)
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Post by ferretqueen » Fri Jan 2, 18:06 2004

That's great. I used to laugh at stuff like that in the 2nd grade too.
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Post by DruidX » Fri Jan 2, 18:07 2004

Short, sweet, and kinda deep. 'be more like me'? Yeah...

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Post by ronlin » Fri Jan 2, 18:19 2004

When I was in the sixth grade, i really wished i had been born a boy. Now I'm just a girl with Equal Rights Activist qualities.

Nice poem.

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Post by Kippt » Fri Jan 2, 21:00 2004

ferretqueen wrote:That's great. I used to laugh at stuff like that in the 2nd grade too.
*laughs aloud* My thoughts exactly!
:) Smile :) because it makes the world a better place.

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Post by Cryelle » Fri Jan 2, 21:51 2004

Yes, but that's the ONLY benifit. Well, that and not having to deal with other stuff that won't be mentioned... *nervous cough* yeah... anyway... on with our lives!

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Post by deanimal » Sat Jan 3, 12:39 2004

That was... wow.... what can you say about a poem like that? :speachless:
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