DBZ excitement. Game and Movie talks

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DBZ excitement. Game and Movie talks

Post by Skeezy » Wed Jun 21, 10:09 2017

One of my childhood favorite animes has been getting a lot of attention the last few years. It was revived with two movies and a new series called dragonball super which is considered by most to be more entertaining than the old Dragon Ball Z series and has much less or should I say better filler. On top of all that, its getting a few justices that are long overdue. Makes me feel like a big kid :lol:

Ive been holding off on getting a current generation gaming console. I didn't feelthe library of games met my needs but hearing about a new dbz fighting game along with some others and I'm ready to cave.

From the creators of Guilty Gear we get a new DBZ fighting game. Beautiful animation and more technical than most of the current DBZ games I hope. Dragon Ball z Fighter will mark my return to console gaming instead of app gaming. I just hope I can talk my wife into playing this one with me.

I caught wind that a new Live action movie of the franchise is being made. The 1st attempt, "Dragonball Evolution" was terrible. Fan made short films have been far better. Since Evolution was so terrible, this time the movie will be overseen by Akira Toriyama, the creator of dragonball so it can be as close to his vision of the series as possible. Toriyama has came to terms that dragonball is what he is known for and his legacy. For fans this gives much hope. I have a lot of hope for this movie, especially since the revival of the anime has gone so well. I can only hope that if it is as good as all fans hope it will be, that we get sequals and maybe later an american clone that does the series justice. Honestly I want as many good movies as possible just like the DC and Marvel franchises.