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Re: Wisdomthroughlogic's youtube

Post by zibber » Wed Feb 15, 2:34 2012

I've taken the liberty of summarizing WTL's post, for those forum members who may be in a rush:
wisdomthroughlogic wrote:Feminism is horrible, so I moved to Asia and hooked up with an Asian. They don't have feminism in Asia and everything is really great for women there.
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Re: Wisdomthroughlogic's youtube

Post by lillerina » Wed Feb 15, 3:04 2012

The problem is that you picked the wrong target. The reason men don't get custody is patriarchy, not feminism. Sure, the reason women are no longer obliged to stay in relationships where they are raped, beaten or abused is feminism, but I won't apologise for that. The reason that women tend to get custody is patriarchy enforced gender roles, which you seem to think are the best thing ever. It's not the gender roles that you were looking for, since we have those in abundance in the west.
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