Women and Power in the Academy

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Women and Power in the Academy

Post by Sonic# » Wed Apr 4, 14:58 2018

https://www.chronicle.com/interactives/ ... EATUREDNAV

This is a collection of op-eds from women in various positions at colleges and universities. They're writing about the topic of women and power in the academy, addressing the topic from a broad web of intersections: harassment, tenure and promotion, parenting, race, adjuncting, research and teaching.

I've only started reading these; I've just gotten to the image "Pay Scale" by Ellen Weinstein. I wanted to share in case others are interested.

So far, the most memorable essay was by Whitney N. Laster Pirtle, where she applies a concept called the "weathering hypothesis" (older women of color have a worse infant mortality rate because of the accumulated stresses of racism) to her experiences becoming a mother during graduate school.


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Re: Women and Power in the Academy

Post by thequeen » Tue Apr 10, 21:25 2018

Thanks for sharing! There's also a lot of discussion on these issues at the Chronicle message board, if anyone is interested in reading more there from people who work in higher ed. https://www.chronicle.com/forums/